Service Information

Dogwood Landscape Management offers a wide variety of standardized services as well as many opportunities for customized services to meet the unique needs of every Dogwood Customer. Below you will find a list of lawn care services that Dogwood provides on a regular basis, in addition to a set of customized services provided on request for an additional servicing charge. If you have other needs that are not covered on this list of regular and customized services, please feel free to contact us via Email or by phone at 770-545-1574. For more contact information, please visit our Contact Us page.

Standard Dogwood Landscape Maintenance Services:

1. Mow and trim turf every week from March thru October.

2. Mow and trim turf as needed from November thru February.

3. Edge all walks, drives and curbs each week; edge beds and tree rings as needed.

4. Collect and dispose of all leaves and debris each week, unless caused by fallen trees,

wind storm, ice storm or tornado.

5. Blow off all walks, drives, curbs, street gutters, tennis courts and pools each week.

6. Prune shrubs and trees (under 15 feet tall) as needed.

7. Apply Roundup and hand pull weeds if necessary for bed weed control.

8. Apply Amdro to fire ant hills as needed to control ants.

9. Apply complete balanced fertilizer, and pre and post emergent herbicide for broad1eaf weed, crabgrass, insect and disease control to the turf six times per year plus lime.

10. Apply complete balanced fertilizer, insect and disease control to the trees, shrubs and

ground covers three times per year. (excludes Japanese beetles)

11. Core aerate and reseed fescue turf in the fall.

12. Scalp, dethatch and bag warm season turf in the spring.

13. DLM shall not be responsible for damage to irrigation heads, bait stations, etc. not properly

installed or maintained.

14. No work will be performed the last two weeks of the year.

The following may be provided on request:

1. Mulch trees, shrubs, ground covers and beds with pine straw.

$6.00/bale (good clean red long needle pine and good installation)

(Estimate ___ bales = $_____.00 per application)

2. Mulch trees, shrubs, ground covers and beds with brown hardwood mulch.

$40.00 per 100sf (Estimate ___ sq.ft = $_____.00 per application)

3. Plant flower beds for seasonal color.

$50.00 per landscaper flat of 18 4" pots (includes initial bed preparation with humus, fertilizer, and pine bark, plus weeding and dead-heading as needed)

(Estimate __ flats = $_____.00 in May and October)

4. Install 30 gal. 8ft. Leland Cypress for $425.00 each.

5. Extra work. ($40.00 per man hour)

Service Plan Options Include the Following:

1. Weekly maintenance (items 1-6).

2. Weekly maintenance (items 1-6) plus items 7-8.

3. Full service (items 1-12).

*Note: If the first month’s service is less than four weeks, the first month’s amount will be prorated.

Thank you so much for your interest in Dogwood Landscape Management. We would love the opportunity to serve you,

so if you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you might have or for more information.

If you would like to submit your information for a quote, please request a quote by clicking here.