I am a philosopher who works mainly on topics in metaphysics and philosophy of language, but I am also interested in many other things. Most of my published papers have been on truth, and I also wrote a book called Properties (Polity Press, 2014). You can find out more about my research (along with other things) by clicking the links on the left. If you'd like to read my published work, versions of my published papers are available in the Papers section. 

I recently finished a monograph, The Metaphysics of Truth, which will be published by Oxford University Press in August 2018. I am also working on Truth: A Contemporary Reader, under contract with Bloomsbury Press, which is scheduled for publication in 2019. You can find out more about my published and forthcoming books on properties and truth in the Books section

I was recently hired by Utica College, in Utica, New York. Prior to this I worked at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, the University of Aberdeen, and University College Dublin, after doing my PhD at the University of St Andrews. 

I am an Associate Editor of the journal Analysis.