Welcome to the Doddin Preservation Society (Est: May 2007)

The Doddin (sometimes pronounced Daddin) is an apple tree that is rather diminutive in size but produces heavy yields of equally diminutive but juicy and very sweet apples. The apples are slightly larger than a golf ball and a little elongated. They do not keep and should be eaten from the tree or within a few days of picking and are eaten whole including the core. The tree grows freely on its own rootstock and tolerates wet and heavy clay soils.

We now know that the tree was found only in and around the town of Redditch, Worcestershire, England. It was probably a wilding found just before the First World War and thought to be a large crab apple. It's not a cooker so probably disapointed till it was tasted fresh.

Aims of the Society:

To discover and, where possible, preserve existing specimens and encourage others to do so.

To keep The Doddin name in the public domain.

To reproduce, by vegetative means, The Doddin and endeavour to raise specimen numbers.

To get The Doddin recognised as a variety and to be accepted by the national collection at Brogdale.

This society is is non profit making and subscription free. Please feel free to email me any questions, suggestions etc. and help us preserve The Doddin. Any emails may appear on the letters’ page unless instructed otherwise.

CONTACT; pip@jackyspantry.co. uk (Copy and paste into your email and remove the space.)

Doddins can be found on Headless Cross Green and Wild Flower Meadow


From the Walcot Organic Nursery. Contact Kevin O'Neil: 01905 841587