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Crustacean pain

Science crowdfunding panel

17 December 2014.

Crowdfunding for science

Summary of PLOS ONE paper. December 2014.

Breaking Bio

Episode 48. 5 November 2013.

Writing workshop

Presentation given at The University of Texas–Pan American C-STEM center. 9 May 2013.

Dr. Kiki's Science Hour

Invasion of the Marmorkrebs. 27 August 2011.


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The software that powers scientific illustration (Nature article from 2020)

What can be done to resolve academic authorship disputes? (Times Higher Education article from January 30, 2020)

This mutant crayfish clones itself, and it’s taking over Europe (New York Times article from February 5, 2018)

A pet crayfish can clone itself, and it’s spreading around the world (The Atlantic article from February 5, 2018)

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Research biologist coins term 'kilo-author' for scientific journal articles (NPR's All Things Considered segment from 2015)

How many authors does it take to write a scientific paper? Apparently thousands (The Wall Street Journal article from August 14, 2015)

Fruit fly paper has over 1,000 authors (Nature article from May 2015)

Is mass authorship destroying the credibility of papers? (Times Higher Education article from 2015)

Presentations: Billboard Science (Nature article from February 29, 2012)

Science publishing: The trouble with retractions (Nature article from October 5, 2011)

Poster perfect (The Scientist article from August 31, 2011)


Taproot Season 2, Episode 4: The GRExit and how we choose who goes to grad school (podcast episode from 2019)

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KBIA (podcast from 2010 covering International Association for Astacology meeting)

Audio papers

Resolving authorship disputes by mediation and arbitration (Audio version of paper from 2019)