Dynamic DNS updates for djbdns 



If you run djbdns and also a DHCP server, you might have a desire to get dynamically assigned IP addresses from the DHCP server into the djbdns DNS database, so that the names of DHCP clients are automatically registered in DNS.

RFC 2136 specifies a standards-compliant way of dynamically adding DHCP assigned addresses to DNS servers, but djbdns does not support this RFC. dns-update-djb is an alternate way to achieve the same result.

dns-update-djb is compatible with djbdns and ISC DHCP. See the README file in the package for details on how to install and configure dns-update-djb.

Version 1.2 tarball for just about any POSIX-compliant system:


This software is provided "AS IS" without warranty of any kind.

Recent Changes:
As of version 1.1, dns-update-djb properly supports multihomed DHCP clients.

The current version of dns-update-djb is known to work with djbdns 1.05 and DHCP 3.1.0. It may also work with other versions.