Research Page of Damba Lkhagvasuren

My main research areas include:

  • multi-sector economy,
  • business cycles and stochastic models,
  • labor market dynamics,
  • applied econometrics and quantitative methods.
Mobility, Medieval Mongolia

Revisions and Work in Progress

Systematic Job Search: New Evidence from Individual Job Application Data, revision requested by Journal of Labor Economics (joint with M. Kudlyak and R. Sysuyev)

Key Moments in the Rouwenhorst Method, revision requested by Economics Letters

Click here for Matlab codes of the Rouwenhorst method

The Role of a Persistent Match Shock in Sectoral Mobility, the Wage-Tenure Profile, and Lifetime Earnings, (joint with S. Auray, D. Fuller and A. Terracol)

New Evidence on Mobility and Wages of the Young and the Old (joint with J. Hansen) IZA working paper version: IZA DP No. 9258

The Moving Cost and Unemployment: A Theoretical Analysis"

Mobility and Earnings of the Rural Chinese Workers (joint with P. Gomme, T. Koreshkova and J. Zhang)

On the Adjustment of Local Labor Markets: Revisiting Blanchard and Katz (1992) (joint with G. M. Jamil)

Peer-Reviewed Publication

Unemployment Insurance Take-up Rates in an Equilibrium Search Model, European Economic Review, 2019, Vol 112: 1-31 (joint with S. Auray and D. Fuller)

The Impact of Income and Taxation in a Price-Tiered Cigarette Market, Tоbacco Control, 2019, Vol 28: s37–s44 (joint with I. Huq, N. Nargis, A.K.M.G. Hussain and G. Fong)

Worker Search Effort as an Amplification Mechanism, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015, Vol 75: 106-122 (joint with P. Gomme)

Productivity Insurance: The Role of Unemployment Benefits in a Multi-Sector Model, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2014, Vol 47: 39-53 (joint with D. Fuller and M. Kudlyak)

This article was selected as part of the latest research advances in Dynamic General Equilibrium Theory:

A Moment-Matching Method for Approximating VAR Processes by Finite-State Markov Chains, Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2014, Vol 29(5): 843–859 (joint with N. Gospodinov)

Codes are

Education, Mobility and the College Wage Premium, European Economic Review, 2014, Vol 67: 159-173

Sectoral Mobility and Unemployment with Heterogeneous Moving Costs, Journal of Labor Research, 2013, Vol. 34(3): 339-358 (joint with R. Nitulescu, Concordia MA student)

Big Locational Unemployment Differences Despite High Labor Mobility, Journal of Monetary Economics, 2012, Vol 59(8): 798-814

This article was listed in "Findings: A Daily Roundup of Academic Studies," National Affairs, Nov 15, 2012.

Discretization of Highly Persistent Correlated AR(1) Shocks, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2010, Vol 34(7): 1260-1276 (joint with R. Galindev)

Matlab codes

Non Peer-Reviewed Publication

The Common Patterns of the Wages of College Graduates in Mongolia and the U.S., Социологи, 2016, 1 (joint with Zagdbazar Manlaibaatar):

Aмерик болон Монгол дахь дээд боловсролтой хүмүүсийн цалин юугаараа төстэй вэ?

Book and Book Chapter

Ажил, 2016, Khaan Printing, Ulaanbaatar (in Mongolian language)

Calibration and Simulation of DSGE Models in N. Hashimzade and M. Thornton (eds.), Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Empirical Macroeconomics, 2013, pp. 575-592, Edward Elgar Publishing (joint with P. Gomme)