D'Lamater's Winter-fresh Christmas Tree Farm

~2022 Christmas Tree Season

Thank you to all of the wonderful people who came to our Christmas Tree Farm. Merry Christmas!!

Looking forward to the Christmas Season of 2023!!

Any Questions Please CALL 517-589-8521

(Sorry but I never look at Facebook to respond to questions)

Always remember to WATER your tree & don't place your tree near a heat source.

Our Christmas Tree Farm is located in Ingham County, in the small town of Leslie Michigan. D'Lamater's Winterfresh Christmas Tree Farm is a clean and well organized choose & cut or fresh pre-cut Christmas Tree Farm nestled back on beautiful Huntoon Lake. We have hundreds of Christmas Trees to choose from. Mike and Ann D'Lamater started & co-own the Christmas Tree Farm. We have been planting, trimming & working on our Tree Farm since moving here in 1986. Our goal is to bring back an old fashion Christmas Tree experience in the Mid Michigan area with smiles, laughter & lasting memories. This experience is truly a wonderful Christmas tradition for you & your family!

Questions please call 517-589-8521 OPEN 7 DAYS a week during Christmas Tree Season

Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: 12:00pm - 5:30pm

Friday-Saturday-Sunday: 10am - 5:30pm

We open the Friday after Thanksgiving. Check here or look on Facebook for any changes in hours and tree species availability. As we approach Christmas, variety in tree selection may vary. View updates to find out when our closing date will be and which fields are still open for tree sales. Sorry, but we cannot sell next year's trees and usually need to close early.

LOCATION: 1002 East Kinneville Rd, Leslie MI, 49251

In Ingham County Michigan - Near Eaton County Michigan & Jackson County Michigan

DIRECTIONS: We're located 3 miles east of the Leslie High School that can be seen from US 127

Take the Leslie exit 56 off US 127 between Jackson and Lansing. Turn north (left) at the traffic light by the 2 Gas Stations at the exit onto Hull Road. Go 1 mile (just north of the Leslie High School) & turn east (right) onto Kinneville Road. Travel 3 miles on Kinneville Road (don't follow any curves) to our location.

PAYMENT METHOD: Cash The internet isn't reliable here so we don't have the equipment to take debit/credit cards.

FRESH CUT TREES from our Farm are available in our Barn for the same price as our Choose & Cut Trees

WREATHS & SWAGS are at the Christmas Barn. It's best to place an order after Dec. 6th

Tree Carts: We provide tree carts to carry your fresh cut tree out of the field


~ FIR: Fraser, Canaan, Balsam, Concolor & Douglas

~ SPRUCE: Blue

~ PINE: Scotch & White

We have hundreds of beautiful full trees up to 8' with a limited supply of 8 1/2 foot trees

SORRY NO CHAINSAWS or battery saws (firm Insurance rules) We provide sharp hand saws OR fresh cut trees from our Farm in our Christmas barn.

PETS: Sorry we are unable to continue to allow dogs at our Farm. Here are the risks you take at Farms who allow dogs. We have had trees returned due to owners not paying attention or stopping & allowing their dog to pee on trees. We've watched dog after dog pee on the trees you choose from to bring into your home & decorate. Imagine the smell after the tree has warmed up in your home! We also have experienced dog fights at our work station with customers grabbing their children and running, dogs lunging at our workers as they take your tree to clean it, plus an owner releasing a large dog & it running off property after our neighbor's 8lb dog. Sadly we knew we could no longer allow the pet member in your family (or our dog) enjoy our Farm because of these on going issues with numerous dog owners who spoiled it. Safety is a priority & we want everyone to feel safe here and confident no dog spoiled your tree. We've had no more trees returned since not allowing dogs.

View Pictures: You may view our farm on Facebook - D'Lamater Winterfresh


We put love into our farm year round! We mow our tree fields all summer so we get full bud growth and don't develop sparse lower branches. We also irrigate our trees.

INFORMATION BOARD: with a brief description of the type of Christmas Trees we grow along with a sample of their branches & needles, where they can be found & our prices. Christmas Trees in our mowed fields have a sign telling you what kind of tree they are.

WREATHS & SWAGS are at the Christmas Barn. (It's best to place an order after Dec. 6th)

FRESH CUT TREES IN OUR CHRISTMAS BARN: Trees fresh cut daily from our farm

MACHINE CLEAN TREE SHAKER: FREE we clean your Christmas Tree on our tree shaker to get rid of loose needles.

TREE BALER: We will wrap your tree in netting for easy transporting. You can easily carry your tree into your home & place it in your stand before removing the netting.

ANSWER STAND: tree stand that we purchase to sell has a spike in the water pail that you place the tree on. We will drill the tree for you FREE on our tree drilling machine for this tree stand. With our drilled hole the tree is standing in 5 seconds! You can turn the tree to decorate it.

TREE DRILL: We drill your tree FREE on our machine for the style tree stand that we sell.

TREE BAGS: No needle mess, everything falls into the tree bag while the tree is in your home & as you carry the tree outside. You pull the bag up around the tree to carry it out.

TWINE: We provide FREE twine for you to secure your Christmas Tree for your drive home.

Items Supplied for use: Free use of our hand saws & our tree carts to make it easy to cut & transport your Christmas Tree from our mowed fields back to our Christmas barn. Sorry no chainsaws allowed by our insurance policy.

Parking Lot: For your convenience we have a stone parking lot to reduce mud issues.

Warm yourself by our weekend fire or browse through our decorated Christmas barn while we ready your tree for the trip home. What a wonderful time of year for family fun!

Christmas only comes once a year. Make the most of this holiday season with laughter and lasting memories. Enjoy an old fashion Christmas experience at

D'Lamater's Winter-fresh Christmas Tree Farm!


Mike & Ann D'Lamater