My research interests center on human aspects of early stage software & information systems engineering.
    No matter what kind of software one develops, whether small mobile apps or massive integrated information systems supporting business processes in multi-national organizations, understanding and supporting the people involved in such development is of vital importance. 

    I focus on the way people understand things, behave, and reason in software development. Right now I am focused on topics such as cybersecurity, trying to understand we can make people want to develop secure software, and requirements engineering, or understanding how we can acknowledge individual differences in the way stakeholders conceptualize while still moving towards shared understandings.

    Examples of research questions I deal with are:
    • What are developers attitudes towards different quality aspects such as security, performance, usability?
    • How can we effectively intervene in the behavior and attitudes of developers?
    • How can visual knowledge representations be most effectively shared between people?
    • How can conceptual modeling techniques and artifacts respect and support stakeholders' conceptual idiosyncrasies?