Remixography (Page 5)

Brian Kent

Breathe Life (Single)

Breathe Life (Radboy Vocal House Radio Edit) 4:26

Breathe Life (Radboy Vocal House Mix) 7:46

Brian Kent

Breathe Life (Album)

Everything Changes (Radboy Vocal Club Mix) 8:00

Aiden Leslie


Please (Radboy's After Hours Mix) 8:45

Please (Radboy's After Hours Dub) 8:17

Scottie Gage

Disco Fantasy

Disco Fantasy (Radboy's Disco-tasmic Radio Edit) 5:03

Disco Fantasy (Radboy's Disco-tasmic Mix) 8:19


I'm Your Man 2006

I'm Your Man (Radboy's 2006 Pride Mix) 8:07

Cathy Dennis


Irresistable (Radboy's 2006 Pride Mix) 9:31

Irresistable (Radboy's 2006 Pride Mixshow) 7:26

Garland Cult

All Good Things

All Good Things (Radboy's Club Mix) 10:11

Ace Of Base

Cruel Summer 2006

Cruel Summer 2006 (Radboy Disco House Mix) 8:22

Paula Abdul

Cold Hearted 2006

Cold Hearted (Radboy's 'America Voted' Full Anthem) 7:51

Mary J. Blige

Be Without You

Be Without You (Radboy's Codependant Anthem Mix) 8:17

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