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There was a truly beautiful topsail schooner, Shenandoah, that graced Vineyard Haven harbor when I went to summer camp there, where we sailed Vineyard Haven 15s.I lived in Rockport right after graduating from UMass/Boston and would often go chat with Phil Bolger, a somewhat untraditional traditional boat designer.  He had no phone - this boat was his home.

Many traditional sailboats are too heavy (to my way of thinking). The Square Meter classes are an exception.  Uffa Fox's Sea Swallow is an exampleHere's one of the largest and best, a 95 square meterHere's an attractive RC model of this typeThis is a recent design in a similar spiritHere's another.

I was asked:  I wonder if your entree into yacht design came through an interest in traditional craft?