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With over 20 years of experience as a professional competitor and coach, Coach Ding Wei has helped many of his students reach their competitive and personal goals through wushu. This includes coaching a student to the US National Wushu Team three consecutive times in 2005, 2007, and  2009, an impressive record that is second to none in the Bay Area.

What is wushu?
Wushu (more popularly known as "kung fu") is the form of Chinese martial arts popularized by action star Jet Li and can be seen in such films as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Learn more about wushu.

What classes are available?
Classes are available for kids, teens, & adults of all levels of experience. View the class schedule herePrivate lessons are also available for those who prefer more one-on-one style coaching, or for those interested in learning new forms.

What will I learn?
Coach Ding is dedicated to bringing out the best in all of his students. His training philosophy emphasizes focus, determination, and confidence, all of which are vital to your wushu success! Whether you are a competitor looking to fine tune your skills or someone looking for a good workout, Coach Ding will work with you to help you reach your goals.

In addition to wushu basics (hand movements, stances, basic kicks, jumps, and more), you will learn basic wushu empty hand and forms. With a Bachelor of Science degree in wushu and professional coaching, Coach Ding has extensive knowledge in a wide variety of weapons and forms, such as broadsword, staff, southern fist, southern saber, southern staff, 9-section whip chain, eagle fist, mantis boxing, taichiquan, and many other traditional styles. His specializations include straightsword, spear, tongbeiquan, drunken sword, monkey staff, and choreographed fight sets. Learn more about his specialties and experience on our bio page.

Where is Champion Wushu Center located?
Champion Wushu Center is conveniently located in Fremont, just off the 880 freeway on Mowry Avenue. Classes are held inside the very spacious Top Flight Gymnastics.

U.S National Wushu Team Trials & Golden State International Wushu Championships News:

Congratulations Stephanie Lim selected to be in the USAWKF National WUshu A team!
A Team selected members qualify to represent the United States of America at the World Wushu Championship.


Congratulations to Priscilla Lee & Cindy Wang have been selected to be in the USAWKF National Traditional Wushu Team!
members qualify to represent the United States of America at the World Wushu traditional Championships.

    Congratulations to Stephanie Lim earned 3 gold at the Pan american Wushu Championships in Costa Rica! 


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CHAMPION WUSHU NEWS! Congratulations !
March 14,2015. 23rd Annual  Chinese  Martial  Arts Tournament at UC Berkeley :  Stephanie Lim earned 3 gold, Eric Chang earned 2 gold 1silver.
Nathan earned 1 gold, 1 silver,1 bronze . Priscilla earned 4 silver. Jimmy earned 1 silver, 1 bronze.
Evan earned 1 silver, 1 bronze, Lee earned 2 bronze, Ehtan earned 1 bronze.

Congratulations to Jennifer Smith won the 2015 Miss Northern California Regionals Teen Title!

June 15, 2014: Golden State International Wushu Championships
Congratulations to the Master Demo Group set Member & Competitors! 

March 15, 2014: The  22nd  Annual  Chinese  Martial  Arts Tournament at UC Berkeley    
Congratulations to the competitors! 

                Stephanie Lim earned 4 gold  and Adult female all around Champion!

Evan Liang earned 1 gold, 1 bronze, Lee earned 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze,
Ethan Lam earned 1 bronze!

Eric earned 1 Gold, 2 Silver. Eric Chang earned 1 Gold, 1 Silver!

Priscilla Lee earned 3 silver, 1 Bronze!

Katherine Ho earned 3 Silver!

Cindy Wang earned 1 Silver!

Curtis Li earned 1 Silver!

Phillip earned 1 Silver!

Golden State International Wushu Championships
----June 15,2013

Stephanie Lim earned 4 Gold, Nathan Andrus Hughes earned 4 Gold, Priscill Lee earned 3 Gold, 
Evan Liang earned 2, 1 silver, 1 bronze, Jaffarove Family earned 5 Gold,5 silver,1 bronze,
Oliver Li earned 1 Gold, 1 Silver, Delaine Rogers earned 1 Gold, 1 bronze, Kevin Ni earned 1 Gold,
Michael Zong earned 1 Gold, Pauline earned silver.

21st Chinese Martial Arts Tournament at UC Berkeley                    

Priscilla Lee earned 3 gold & 1 silver, Stephanie Lim earned 2 gold & 1 siver
Nathan earned 1 gold, Yohann earned 1 silver.

Congratulations to the competitors! 

Oliver earned 2 gold & 1 silver. Evan earned 1 gold. And 5 years old
Little hero Aidan earned his 1st time Tournament 1st gold & 1 silver. ! Eric earned 1 silver. Sasha, kai, Alina,Curtis eraned 3 silver, 7 bronze.