Dry Cat Food

Evaluation And Comparison

I have developed this dry food evaluation method as a result of my personal studying of the materials found in the internet. I am not a scientist and have no formal knowledge in cat nutrition, cat food making and veterinary.

The method is based on 3 criteria:

    • high amount of protein

    • low amount of carbohydrates

    • quality and source of ingredients.

Last update: 02.01.2022

  • Updated: N&D Grain Free, Go!, FirstMate, Boreal, Brit Premium, Genesis Pure Canada, Natural Balance, Select, Happy Cat, ProSeries, Pronature by Effeffe, Mera, Schesir, Prochoice, Vincent, Felicia, Croque, La Cat, Micho, Mito, Econature,

  • Added: Nutrience Sub Zero, Wellness Core, Shelma, Little Big Paw, Exclusion, Alleva Equilibrium, Rex Natural Range, Gather, Pro Performance, LaVital, My Food, Husse, Paw Paw, Premio Supreme, Kis-Kis, Trendline, Pet Lovers, Koko, Cobadu Cat, Crunchy, Hipo Cat by Biopet

  • Removed: WildField, Happy Cat Sensitive, Genesis, Crunchy Menu