Dry Cat Food

Evaluation And Comparison

I have developed this dry food evaluation method as a result of my personal studying of the materials found in the internet. I am not a scientist and have no formal knowledge in cat nutrition, cat food making and veterinary.

The method is based on 3 criteria:

    • high amount of protein

    • low amount of carbohydrates

    • quality and source of ingredients.

Last update: 27.12.2022

  • Updated: Orijen, Canagan, Ambrosia, Pro Pac Ultimates, Petkind, Primordial, Marpet Equilibria, Arion, Winner Plus, Avantis, Cebican Cat

  • Added: Ownat Grain Free Prime/Just, Diamond Naturals, Summit 10 Whole Choice, Gosbi Exclusive, thePet+, Prima Cat, Grandorf, Molly, Ownat Ultra, Mystic, ProArt, Delcon, Nature's Protection Lifestyle, Rexy Plus, Catty, Gifyy Plus, Top, Supreme Cat Combo, PreVital, Feline Perfection, Gheda Chat&Chat, Cat Bite, Noy Cat Plus, Bazuki Cat, Floc Cat, Floc Pet

  • Removed: Owen Baked Tradition Grain Free, Nulo, Wholesome Blend, Earthborn Holistic, Sam's Field, Nature's Code, Blackwood