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I am a research economist at the Bank of Greece. 
My research interests are in the areas of Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Business Cycles and Economic Growth. My current research focuses on the analysis of issues related to fiscal policy, financial intermediation, structural reforms and tax evasion in Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models. 

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Recent publications

Market and Political Power Interactions in Greece: A Theory(2018)European Journal of Political Economy53, 59-83 (with T. kollintzas and V. Vassilatos)

Market and Political Power Interactions in Greece: An empirical investigation, (2018), IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 7:1 (with T. kollintzas, E. Tsionas and V. Vassilatos)

Bank transaction taxes: International evidence and potential implications for Greece, (2017), in Taxation in Crisis, edited by D. D. Thomakos, K. I. Nikolopoulos, The Palgrave Macmillan Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions, pp. 235-267 (with H. Balfousia, D. Malliaropulos and T. Tagkalakis).

The Greek great depression: a general equilibrium study of its drivers, (2017), in Political Economy Perspectives on the Greek Crisis, edited by I. Bournakis, C. Tsoukis, D. K. Christopoulos, T. Palivos, Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 205-221, (with G. Economides, A. Philippopoulos).

Macroeconomic effects of structural reforms and fiscal consolidations: Trade-offs and complementarities, (2017), European Journal of Political Economy, 48, 54-73 (with E. Vourvachaki)

Recent working papers:

Business investment in EU countries, (2018). European Central Bank, Occasional Paper Series No. 215 (with Banbura, M., Albani, M., Ambrocio, G., Bursian, D., Buss, G., Garuva, M., Giordano, C., Julio, P., Roux, P., Lozej, M., Malthe-Thagaard, S., Maria, J., Martinez Carrascal, C., Meinen, P., Michall, N., Pool, S., Ravnik, R., San Juan del Peso, L., Toth, M., Zevi, G.)

Rent seeking activities and aggregate economic performance - the case of Greece, (2018), Bank of Greece Working Paper Series No. 252 (with S G. Gogos and V. Vassilatos)

Loan-to-value ratio limits: an exploration for Greece, Bank of Greece Working Papers No. 248, (with Balfoussia, H. and Dellas, H.) 

Real and financial cycles in EU countries: Stylised facts and modelling implications, (2018), European Central BankOccasional Paper Series No. 205 (with Rünstler, G., Balfoussia, H., Burlon, L., Buss, G., Comunale, M., De Backer, B., Dewachter, H., Guarda, P., Haavio, M., Hindrayanto, I., Iskrev, N. Ivanov, J., Ivan, K., Dmitry, K., Davor, L., Crt, L., Matthieu, L., Matija, M., Martin,. Pedersen, J., Perez-Quiros, G., Rannenberg, A., Rots, E., Scharnagl, M., Welz, P.)

Fiscal policy with an informal sector, (2017), Bank of Greece Working Paper Series No. 235 (with H. Dellas, D. Malliaropoulos and E. Vourvachaki). 

The Greek great depression: a general equilibrium study of its drivers, (2017), Bank of Greece Working Paper Series No. 234 (with G. Economides, A. Philippopoulos)

Insights on the Greek economy from the 3D macro model, (2016), Bank of Greece Working Paper Series, No. 218 (with Hiona Balfousia)

Labour market modelling in the light of the financial crisis, (2016), European Central Bank, Occasional Paper Series, No. 175 (with Pierre Lafourcade, Andrea Gerali, Jan Brůha, Dirk Bursian, Ginters Buss, Vesna Corbo, Markus Haavio, Christina Håkanson, Tibor Hledik, Gábor Katay, Dmitry Kulikov, Matija Lozej, Brian Micallef, Juuso Vanhala and Marin Zeleznik) 

Current Affiliation:
Bank of Greece
Economic Research Department
21 E. Venizelos Avenue
GR 102 50 Athens

Contact Information:
Phone:     0030-2103203826 (Office)

The views expressed here are my own and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Bank of Greece.