Welcome to my site!

I am an Associate Professor in Artificial Intelligence with Hellenic Open University (HOU). Here's the institutional link.

Here's a bit of data about myself. I also have a brief CV section and a varia (Eng, Gr) section.

I am trying to group my research by subject, but more often than not I find one subject crossing lines with the others. Teaching is easier organised.

A couple of research projects I'm working on right now with my students are pretty hot in practical terms too:

I like building things. Here's an earlier project that still goes strong:
Here's a fairly political article: Improving Professional Conduct in Publishing
    ... I am happy to see that there's mighty leadership in a similar pursuit: open refereeing via signed reviews by none less than Bertrand Meyer!

Email me at dkalles at acm dot org ...Skype me at dimitris_kalles ... Call me at +30-2610-367697 ...