Digital Humanities Project: Aesthetics at the Intersection of Art and Science

Welcome to the “Digital Humanities Project: Aesthetics at the Intersection of Art and Science” web page by art historian Emily L. Spratt and computer scientist Ahmed Elgammal. Here we provide open access to our research on one particular “digital” meeting of the arts and sciences: the use of vision technology in art history. The aim of our project is to clarify the current capabilities and use of artificial intelligence for art historical analysis, to explore the philosophical implications of the applications of this advanced technology, and to create a historical record of the perceptions of this convergence of the fields of art history and computer science by way of two surveys that were conducted in August 2014. To this end, we have produced a general article on this project that is also an interpretation of our surveys (geared towards non-specialists), a scientific publication of our research, and the statistical results of our surveys, which are all accessible here along with links to related press. Additionally, we have provided some general bibliography on our project in acknowledgment of the fruitful scholarship to date on this topic. Thank you for your interest in the digital humanities.

Emily L. Spratt and Ahmed Elgammal

October 20, 2014

Princeton, NJ


For more information, please contact Emily L. Spratt at or Ahmed Elgammal at Please note that the information presented in this website dates to 2014.

Photo Credit: Emily L. Spratt