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Justin Rudder's

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Who I Am

My name is Justin Rudder and I am an archivist and historian based in Montgomery, Alabama. I received a B. A. in History from Faulkner University and a M. A. in Archival Management and History from Auburn University. My research in Black communities and other underrepresented histories have been featured in the Alabama Review, Alabama Heritage magazine, and the Encyclopedia of Alabama.


Everyone has a story to tell, but some stories aren't as well publicized as others. The goal of Digital Grassroots is to tell the stories of people that are not readily known through:

  • Archival Preservation Guidance

  • Data Collection

  • Historical Research and Writing

  • Video and Website Development

Digital Grassroots includes initiatives documenting:

  • History of Local Communities

  • Issues Faced by Local Communities

  • People Who Shape Local and Global Events

  • Methods of Telling the Stories of the Past