Assistant Professor, University of Heidelberg

firstname [.] lastname [at] awi [.] uni [-] heidelberg [.] de

Curriculum Vitae (.pdf)

Fields of Interest: Inequality, Public Economics, Behavioral Economics, Development Economics

Research in progress

Perceived Intergenerational Mobility and Revealed Distributional Preferences (with Daniel Mueller and Marcel Preuss)

Poverty, Seasonal Scarcity and Exchange Asymmetries: Evidence from Small-Scale Farmers in Rural Zambia (with Guenther Fink and Kelsey Jack)

The Causal Effect of Cultural Identity on Cooperation (with Jeff Butler)

Inequality, Fairness and Social Capital (with Hannes Rau, Stefan Trautmann, and Yilong Xu)


The Power of Sunspots: An Experimental Analysis (with Frank Heinemann and Aniol Llorente-Saguer), Journal of Monetary Economics, forthcoming, 2019. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Gossip and the Efficiency of Interactions (with Matthias Sutter), Games and Economic Behavior, forthcoming, 2019. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Equilibrium Selection in Similar Repeated Games: Experimental Evidence on the Role of Precedents (with John Duffy), Experimental Economics, Volume 21, 573–600, 2018. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Exclusion in All-Pay Auctions: An Experimental Investigation (with Julia Schmid), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Volume 27, 326-339, 2018. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Is Increasing Inequality Harmful? Experimental Evidence, Games and Economic Behavior, Volume 107, 123-134, 2018. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Costly Communication and Learning from Failure in Organizational Coordination, European Economic Review, Volume 93, 106-122, 2017. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Who knows it is a game? On strategic awareness and cognitive ability (with Steffen Huck), Experimental Economics, Volume 19, 713-726, 2016. [appendix][link to journal website]

The Willingness to Pay-Willingness to Accept Gap: A Failed Replication of Plott and Zeiler (with Rustamdjan Hakimov and Dorothea Kübler), European Economic Review, Volume 78, 120-128, 2015. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Social Distance and Trust: Experimental Evidence from a Slum in Cairo (with Christine Binzel), Journal of Development Economics, Volume 103, 99-106, 2013. [appendix][link to journal website]

Giving and Sorting Among Friends: Evidence from a Lab-in-the-Field Experiment (with Christine Binzel), Economics Letters, Volume 121, 214-217, 2013. [appendix][link to journal website]

Information and Beliefs in a Repeated Normal-Form Game (with David Danz and Dorothea Kübler), Experimental Economics, Volume 15, 622-640, 2012. [appendix][link to journal website][data]

Partner Selection in Public Goods Experiments (with Giorgio Coricelli and Gerlinde Fellner), Journal of Conflict Resolution, Volume 48, 356-378, 2004. [appendix][link to journal website][data]