Research Interests

Dissecting And Targeting Oncogenic Pathways In Thyroid Cancer

The thyroid gland is a central endocrine hub where a complex array of signals in the form of hormones and growth factors are integrated to govern thyroid growth and activity.  As such, the thyroid represents an ideal model system to study the interaction between these signals in normal homeostasis as well as in the context of neoplastic transformation.

The main focus of my laboratory is the PI3K signaling pathway, and the role it plays in thyroid physiology and pathophysiology.  We utilize genetically engineered mouse models to identify and deconstruct the signaling cascades controlled by PI3K and altered during early neoplastic transformation, to understand through which signaling nodes the PI3K cascade intersects with other growth-promoting pathways, and to design and test in vivo innovative, rationally designed therapeutic approaches for advanced thyroid cancer.