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I am a lecturer in the Economics Division of the Management School at the University of Stirling. I begun my studies with a B.A. in Economics (1995) and an M.Phil. in Economic Theory & Econometrics (1996), both from the University of Cambridge (King's College). I continued with an MPA/ID (2001) from the John F. Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University and completed my studies at the University of California at Berkeley with an M.A. in Mathematics (2007), an M.Sc.B.A. in Finance (2007) from the Walter A. Haas School of Business, and a Ph.D. in Economics (2007). 

My research focuses on aspects of economic theory and financial economics. In the past, I have taught Optimization for Economists, Financial Economics, Microeconomic TheoryPortfolio Theory & Management, and Topics in Finance. At Stirling, I am teaching Financial Economics, (partly) Microeconomics, and Risk Management for Banking. 


"Rationalizable Suicides: Evidence from Changes in Inmates' Expected Length of Sentence" (with Nadia Campaniello and Giovanni MastrobuoniJournal of the European Economic Association, 15:2, April 2017, pp. 388-428

Working Papers    

"(Neutrally) Optimal Mechanism under Adverse Selection: the canonical insurance problem" (with Kostas Koufopoulos[New version 2016] 2nd R&R requested by Games & Economic Behavior [Online Supplement]
"Comparative Statics of Asset Prices: the effects of other assets' risk" [January 2014] 2nd R&R requested by the Review of Asset Pricing Studies
"Efficient Nash Equilibrium under Adverse Selection" (with Kostas Koufopoulos) [August 2013]

Work in Progress

"Optimal Mechanism under Adverse Selection: two types" [coming soon]
"Optimal Myopia: an axiomatic approach to bounded rationality" (with Paolo Ghirardato) [coming soon]
"Mean-Variance under Expected Utility: an elementary characterization"
"Dynamically-complete Markets in Continuous Time: a characterization"

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