subfamily ANDRENINAE

Andrena gardineri Cockerell, 1906

A spring-flying specialist of Packera (Asteraceae: Senecioneae). The image on the right was taken at the site where I first identified this species from Michigan.

Andrena hirticincta Provancher, 1888

A distinctive visitor of goldenrod in the late summer, this species can be easily recognized by its abundant yellow hairs and dark scopa.

Andrena nubecula Smith, 1853

This is a summer species of Andrena, that can be commonly seen on Solidago (goldenrod) in late summer. The dark tipped wings and strong hair bands of this species are quite distinctive. Its size, colour, and strong hair bands on the abdomen can make it appear similar to the genus Halictus at first glance. This female has a large load of pollen, which she carries with specialized hairs on her back legs and abdomen.

subfamily PANURGINAE

Pseudopanurgus andrenoides (Smith, 1853)

A specialist on Asteraceae, this bee can be seen visiting Solidago (goldenrod) in the late summer. This mating pair was photographed at the Mundy Wildflower Garden in Ithaca, New York.

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