Abhinav Dhall

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, 
Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar

Research Interest
: Computer Vision, Affective Computing, HCI and Machine Learning

Media Coverage
Group mood analysis -    New Scientist     Economic Times
Depression analysis   -    New Scientist     ABC Catalyst    

I am looking for motivated students for research at different academic positions (PhD,Masters, Bachelors Thesis Projects). If you are interested in solving problems in computer vision, automatic human behavior understanding and machine learning, please drop me an email.

Latest updates
[August 2017] Amanjot Kaur's paper accepted for publication as part of the ACII doctoral consortium 2017.
[July 2017] Thanks to Nvidia for kindly supporting our research by donating a Titan XP graphics card, under the Academic GPU grant program!
[May 2017] Supported by the IIT Ropar's summer visitation grant, I am visiting Prof. Nicu Sebe at the University of Trento, Italy.
[March 2017] Co-organising the Workshop on Automatic Face Analytics for Human Behavior Understanding at BMVC 2017, London [LINK].
[Jan 2017] Teaching GEL-103, Introduction to Computing.
[Aug 2016] CFP: 3rd IEEE Conference on Identity, Security & Behavior Analysis 2017, New Delhi, India [LINK]

Earlier updates -

[Feb 2016] Emotion Recognition in the Wild Challenge 2016 site up! [LINK]
[Jan 2016] Chapter accepted in book Advances in Face Detection and Facial Image Analysis.
[Nov 2015] EmotiW 2015 challenge results [LINK]
[July 2015] 1 paper accepted at ACII 2015 and BMVC 2015 each!
[June 2015] With Nicu Sebe, Roland Goecke and Simon Lucey organising the Second Workshop on Affective Computing for Computer Vision (CV4AC) at ICCV 2015.
[May 2015] Outstanding reviewer award at IEEE FG 2015.
[March 2015] We are organising the Third Emotion Recognition in the Wild (EmotiW) Challenge at ACM ICMI 2015.
[January 2015] 1 paper accepted at FG 2015 and 1 at Transaction on Affective Computing!
[September 2014] Along with Roland Goecke, Tom Gedeon and Nicu Sebe guest editing the Springer Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces Special Issue Emotion Recognition In The Wild [CFP].
[May 2014] Along with Roland Goecke and Nicu Sebe organizing the First Workshop on Computer Vision for Affective Computing (CV4AC), ACCV 2014, Singapore.
[February 2014] Along with Roland Goecke, Jyoti Joshi, Karan Sikka and Tom Gedeon, organizing the second Emotion Recognition In The Wild Challenge, ACM ICMI 2014, Istanbul.
[February 2014] Our pain localisation paper accepted in IVC journal Special Issue best of Faces & Gesture 2013.
[January 2014] Our head pose normalisaiton in the wild paper accepted at WACV 2014.
[December 2013] Submitted my PhD thesis!
[September 2013] Awarded the Best Student Paper Honorable Mention Award with Karan Sikka at the IEEE FG 2013!
[April 2013] Media Coverage in New Scientist [LINK]!
[April 2013] Awarded the Best Doctoral Consortium Paper Award at the ACM ICMR 2013, Dallas!
[February 2013] Nice article about our depression project, featuring Prof. Goecke: [Sydney Morning Hearld].

Collaborators and friends