Abhinav Dhall, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science & Engineering, 
Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar

Leader, Learning Affect and Semantic Image analysIs (LASII) Group.

Research Interest: Computer Vision, Affective Computing, HCI and Machine Learning

Media Coverage
Group mood analysis -    New Scientist     Economic Times
Depression analysis   -    New Scientist     ABC Catalyst    

Latest news (Please visit Learning Affect and Semantic Image analysIs (LASII) Group website for more recent updates)

[May 2018] Received the Outstanding Reviewer Award at IEEE International Conference on Automatic Faces & Gesture Recognition 2018, Xi'an, China. 
[May 2018] One paper accepted at IEEE ICIP 2018.
[April 2018] One paper accepted at IAPR ICPR 2018 and one at IEEE CVPR DFW challenge 2018.
[March 2018] Papers accepted at IEEE Trans. on Multimedia, IEEE FG 2018 Demo and IEEE FG 2018 HoMGR challenge.
[January 2018] Teaching CSL 716 - Advanced Computer Vision.
[October 2017] With Prof. Qiang Ji and Prof. Yelin Kim, co-organizing the first Workshop on Large-scale Emotion Recognition at IEEE FG 2018.
[October 2017] With Prof. Albert Ali Salah, Dr. Xiaohua Huang, Prof. Carlos Busso, Prof. Takatsugu Hirayama, Prof. Guoying Zhao, Prof. Matti Pietikainen and Prof. Wenming Zhang, co-organizing the joint workshop - 8th Int. Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding (HBU) and 2nd Int. Workshop on Automatic Face Analytics for Human Behavior Understanding (FaceHUB) at IEEE FG 2018.

Earlier updates -
[August 2017] I am teaching CSL 462/618 - Computer Vision this semester.
[August 2017] Amanjot Kaur's paper accepted for publication as part of the ACII doctoral consortium 2017.
[July 2017] Thanks to Nvidia for kindly supporting our research by donating a Titan XP graphics card, under the Academic GPU grant program!
[May 2017] Supported by the IIT Ropar's summer visitation grant, I am visiting Prof. Nicu Sebe at the University of Trento, Italy.
[March 2017] Co-organising the Workshop on Automatic Face Analytics for Human Behavior Understanding at BMVC 2017, London [LINK].
[Jan 2017] Teaching GEL-103, Introduction to Computing.
[Aug 2016] CFP: 3rd IEEE Conference on Identity, Security & Behavior Analysis 2017, New Delhi, India [LINK]
[Feb 2016] Emotion Recognition in the Wild Challenge 2016 site up! [LINK]
[Jan 2016] Chapter accepted in book Advances in Face Detection and Facial Image Analysis.
[Nov 2015] EmotiW 2015 challenge results [LINK]
[July 2015] 1 paper accepted at ACII 2015 and BMVC 2015 each!
[June 2015] With Nicu Sebe, Roland Goecke and Simon Lucey organising the Second Workshop on Affective Computing for Computer Vision (CV4AC) at ICCV 2015.
[May 2015] Outstanding reviewer award at IEEE FG 2015.
[March 2015] We are organising the Third Emotion Recognition in the Wild (EmotiW) Challenge at ACM ICMI 2015.
[January 2015] 1 paper accepted at FG 2015 and 1 at Transaction on Affective Computing!
[September 2014] Along with Roland Goecke, Tom Gedeon and Nicu Sebe guest editing the Springer Journal of Multimodal User Interfaces Special Issue Emotion Recognition In The Wild [CFP].
[May 2014] Along with Roland Goecke and Nicu Sebe organizing the First Workshop on Computer Vision for Affective Computing (CV4AC), ACCV 2014, Singapore.
[February 2014] Along with Roland Goecke, Jyoti Joshi, Karan Sikka and Tom Gedeon, organizing the second Emotion Recognition In The Wild Challenge, ACM ICMI 2014, Istanbul.
[February 2014] Our pain localisation paper accepted in IVC journal Special Issue best of Faces & Gesture 2013.
[January 2014] Our head pose normalisaiton in the wild paper accepted at WACV 2014.
[December 2013] Submitted my PhD thesis!
[September 2013] Awarded the Best Student Paper Honorable Mention Award with Karan Sikka at the IEEE FG 2013!
[April 2013] Media Coverage in New Scientist [LINK]!
[April 2013] Awarded the Best Doctoral Consortium Paper Award at the ACM ICMR 2013, Dallas!
[February 2013] Nice article about our depression project, featuring Prof. Goecke: [Sydney Morning Hearld].

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