My name is Dezi Sienty. I am a freelance illustrator, designer, editor, and letterer specializing in comic books.

My goal is to constantly learn, improve, and create.

Like most artist I started drawing at an early age. I devoured “how to draw” books, everything from Hogarth and Bridgeman to “How to Draw the Marvel Way” and Andrew Loomis. I was passionate about sequential storytelling and decided to get my BFA in Cartooning/Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York. I constantly strive for improvement and excellence in my work by seeking out new ways to improve my pictorial storytelling and draftsmanship. My artistic journey so far has allowed me to express myself with many different creative projects, meet my artistic heroes, and has even allowed me to live in Italy for a year to study and see the artwork of the great masters.

Going forward I am committed to creating exciting, entertaining and pertinent work for our time in a variety of mediums for many different clients. I look forward to collaborations, to bringing not only my own visions to life but also to contribute my knowledge and skills to hopefully elevate other creative individual's projects. I will continue to improve and put my whole heart into this profession and make my best capable work.


BFA in Illustration/Cartooning at School of Visual Arts

Art Students League-Sculpture with Rhoda Sherbell

Art Students League-Painting with Mary Beth McKenzie

Art Students League-Drawing/Anatomy with Michael Burbon

Lattimore Atterlie

Florence Academy of Art-Florence Italy

New York Art Academy-Ecorche with David Klass

SVA Continuing Ed-Cartooning with Nelson DeCastro

National Academy-Artist Webdesign and Social Media with Nadia Martinez


Adobe Creative Suite



Google Sketchup

Open Office



IDW- Boy 1 (pinup-inked by Ori Ayalon)

DC Comics Presents Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps Secret Files

Illustration-Rittenhouse Sketch Cards for Marvel and DC Comics

Children's Book The Cat's Pajamas by P.Pony

Cave Drawing Ink Presents Cycle's End Anthology

Comics Anthology Rise of the Outlanders Anthology

Grave Soldiers (inker)

New Rochelle Council of the Arts-Fluer Di Lis Painting


HSBC Bank Corporate EventBridgeway Corporate Event

Stone Cottage Wine Bar

Westchester Italian Heritage Day

New Rochelle Council of the Arts Festival

Paula's Public House


Dutchess Community College

Imagination Station (RedHook, NY)

RedHook Residentail Center

The Underground (Classes and Workshops)

Dare2Draw (non-profit arts mentoring association)

LETTERING CREDITS (partial credits)-

DC Entertainment: Action Comics, Batman, Justice League, Green Lantern Corps, Sinestro Corps, The Flash, Justice League, Aquaman, Scooby Do, American Vampire Anthology

IDW: Boy-1, X-Files Origins, X-Files, Highlander

LEGENDARY: Axiom Graphic Novel

INDEPENDENT: Grave Soldiers vol 1, Croak, Sonitus, LOLA, Artifact 1 (Aspen), Tomb of Balberith (Virtual Inks Inc)