I am a Postdoctoral Associate in the Global Engineering and Research (GEAR) Lab  at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am particularly interested in applying design-based research, information visualization techniques, and life cycle analyses for promoting sustainable development. Among the various sustainable development goals, my research has focused on responsible consumption & production by promoting environmentally conscious product design. Currently, my research aims at providing access to drinking water in developing countries through brackish water desalination.
I received my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. At Purdue, I was working in the [C] Design Lab  on developing data representations for the product design process that  enable  environmentally conscious design. My research at the GEAR Lab focuses on design methods and techniques for promoting social sustainability in developing world contexts

Currently, I am working on end-user needs identification, systems design, and optimization of village-scale solar-powered electrodialysis systems for brackish water desalination. Such systems have the potential to become cost- and energy-optimal solutions for providing access to drinking water in off-grid communities.

Recent Publications

  • A framework for visualization-driven eco-conscious design exploration Abstract: A large portion of design activity involves reuse of previous knowledge in order to solve new problems. Therefore, facilitating eco-conscious exploration of archived designs is needed for advancing ...
    Posted Mar 9, 2016, 7:42 AM by Devarajan Ramanujan
  • Mutually coordinated visualization of product and supply chain metadata for sustainable design Abstract: In this paper, we present a novel visualization framework for product and supply chain metadata in the context of redesign-related decision scenarios. Our framework is based on the ...
    Posted Mar 9, 2016, 7:43 AM by Devarajan Ramanujan
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  • MobiSweep: Exploring Spatial Design Ideation Using a Smartphone as a Hand-held Reference Plane Abstract: In this paper, we explore quick 3D shape composition during early-phase spatial design ideation. Our approach is to re-purpose a smartphone as a hand-held reference ...
    Posted Mar 9, 2016, 7:40 AM by Devarajan Ramanujan
  • Informing Early Design Via Crowd-based Co-creation Abstract: Customer inputs in the early stages of design can potentially lead to completely new outlooks in concept generation. We propose crowd-based co-creation as a means to this ...
    Posted Mar 9, 2016, 7:40 AM by Devarajan Ramanujan
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  • Magoon Award for Teaching Excellence Bill Bernstein, Devarajan Ramanujan, Joran Booth, and Sujin Jang  have received this year’s  Estus H. and Vashti L. Magoon Award for Teaching Excellence (2015). This award, given by the ...
    Posted Nov 9, 2015, 2:21 PM by Devarajan Ramanujan
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