Here you find my research output from the time when I used to be a behavioral scientist. Currently, I am CEO of Education Y - a German charity organization for education equity. Before, I was head of Corporate Development at BARMER health insurance and held academic positions at the University of Cologne and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, and worked at the University of Chicago as a Fulbright scholar. My research interest lies in human behavior in organizations and org & people analytics.

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E-Mail: marvin[dot]deversi[at]gmx[dot]de

Research Contributions

1) Cooperation in a Company: A Large-Scale Experiment (pdf)
(with Martin Kocher and Christiane Schwieren; AEARCTR-0002596)

2) Incentive and Signaling Effects of Bonus Payments: An Experiment in a Company (pdf)
(with Lisa Spantig; AEARCTR-0003931)

3) Spin Doctors: An Experiment on Vague Disclosure (pdf)
(with Alessandro Ispano and Peter Schwardmann), published in: European Economic Review, 2021, Vol., 193.

4) Complexity and Appropriation Interact in Affecting Compliance Behavior (pdf)
(with Charles Bellemare and Florian Englmaier, retired working paper)

5) Closing the Gender Pay Gap within Firms: Evidence from a Field Experiment on Promoting Pay Equity (pdf)
(with Jakob Alfitian and Dirk Sliwka; AEARCTR-0005389)

6) Norms of Cooperation in a Company
(with Martin Kocher, Robert Schmidt, Christoph Schweighofer, Christiane Schwieren; AEARCTR-0002596)

7) Do Macroeconomic Shocks Affect Intuitive Inflation Forecasting? An Experimental Investigation (pdf)
(retired working paper)

Media Coverage

Daten in der Personalarbeit, Podcast "Datenaffaire", 15/03/2021.

Teamarbeiter sind schlecht bezahlt, aber glücklich, Wirtschaftswoche, 19/02/2021.

Egoisten oder Teamplayer - wer verdient mehr?, ntv Podcast "Ja. Nein. Vielleicht.", 15/10/2020.

How are employees experiencing home office? Evidence from survey with two Dax30 companies, Predictive People Analytics Blog, 26/06/2020. 

How can firms foster cooperation among employees? Evidence from research, Predictive People Analytics Blog, 08/06/2020.