1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT(sold)


This page is dedicated to our former GT Coupe. This Grand Prix was my first experience with a front wheel drive 'performance' car. She didn't set the world on fire but she was responsible for my renewed excitement in the car hobby!

This vehicle came equipped with the normally aspirated version of Pontiac's 3.8 liter engine. I did not do many go-fast modifications to this car at all. Actually this was the first car I ever made passes down the quarter mile with. My best was 15.735 seconds @ 85.37 mph. Like I said she didn't set the world on fire but was a blast to drive. "Shadow" is the first vehicle I really started turning wrenches on. This car is responsible for my urge to modify my vehicles. Of course, now it is a sickness that I can't cure :)