I live in Casper, Wyoming with my wife. We have two boys, both are mechanical engineers. I'm a proud papa humbled by their educational and career accomplishments, way above and beyond anything their old man has ever done. 

Casper is located near the center of Wyoming, a state which encompasses close to 98,000 square miles. The entire state is home to around 584,000 people making it the least populated state in the country and that's why I like it here.

2015: Hiked The Subway in Zion Canyon national Park with the kids! (Bucket list check). (pics) Pulled off MWVTA regional trials series win.
2016: The first grand child. I retire. Oldest son gets married. Rode 2016 Yamaha Endurofest in Hurricane, UT. Daughter in law lands job as a Queue Observer at MMT Observatory near Tuscon. Pulled off MWVTA regional trials series win.
2017: Rode Utah's 5 Miles of Hell (Bucket list - checked) (pics). Lifelong Casper resident son moves to Tucson. Rode the 2017 Endurofest in Beaver, UT.
2018: Visited Meteor Crater
2019: Upgraded our motor home to a newer rig

Back yard sunset!