My teaching experience is detailed below; please see my teaching statement for a more succinct treatment of my teaching experience as well as a reflection of how I view teaching economics. 

Recently, I have been involved with the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP) and would encourage others to read about and support their cause.

The mission of the Cornell Prison Education Program (CPEP) is to to provide courses leading to college degrees for people incarcerated in upstate New York State prisons; to help CPEP students build meaningful lives inside prison as well as prepare for successful re-entry into civic life; and to inform thought and action on social justice issues among past and present CPEP students, volunteers, and the wider public.... The Cornell Prison Education Program is dedicated to supporting incarcerated persons’ academic ambitions and preparation for successful re-entry.

"We believe in equitable access to higher education and the transformative power of intellectual development" is a belief I strongly share, and the reason I am committed to working with and supporting CPEP.

Teaching Experience
Cornell Prison Education Program, Instructor
Cornell University, Teaching Assistant
Note: Evaluations are provided only when the teaching assignment involves teaching regular sections.
  • Howard and Abby Milstein Graduate Teaching Assistantship Award, AY 2016–2017
  • AEM 1200: Introduction to Business Management, Prof Dave Taylor
    • Summer 2019,
    • Summer 2018, overall evaluation: 4.75/5
    • Summer 2017, overall evaluation: 4.72/5
  • Econ 1120: Principles of Macroeconomics, Prof Tom Evans
    • Summer 2019 distance learning session
    • Summer 2018 distance learning session
  • Math 1430: Mathematics and Politics, Prof Birgit Speh
    • Spring 2018
  • Econ 6090: Microeconomic Theory, Prof David Easley
    • Fall 2017, overall evaluation: 4.81/5
    • Fall 2016, overall evaluation: 4.57/5
  • Econ 3810/6760, CS 5846: Decision Theory 1, Profs Joe Halpern and Bruno Salcedo
    • Spring 2017
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Instructor
  • MA Game Theory Review Course
    • Spring 2015
  • PhD Preparatory Mathematics Course
    • Summer 2013
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Teaching Assistant