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Derek Hoeferlin is principal architect of [dhd].

Derek is a registered architect in Missouri, USA; a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA); and, 
an Associate Professor of Architecture with tenure at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, where he has taught since 2005. 

Derek received Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees from Tulane University, and a post-professional Master of Architecture degree from Yale University.

Derek's solo, collaborative and multi-scaled academic and professional design work has garnered multiple awards, interviews, press and publications.

Derek Hoeferlin, AIA
Principal, [dhd] Derek Hoeferlin Design
St. Louis, Missouri, 


For design services and/or innovative collaboration opportunities, please contact Derek Hoeferlin directly.


[dhd] collaboratively engages an trans-scalar definition of Architecture -- one that encompasses details, buildings, environments, infrastructures, landscapes, urbanisms, systems, territories, watersheds.

To do so, [dhd] prioritize WATER as a transformative agent for the discipline of ARCHITECTURE and at multiple scales -- defined as "Watershed Architecture." 

Given our complex contemporary challenges -- specifically in relation to water -- 
current design-research 
cannot be accomplished by one author, or for that matter, by one architect. Rather, it requires collaborations that oscillate inside and outside 
architecture definitions and that break down typical professional and academic dichotomies. 

In short, architecture alone cannot be relegated to the design of "buildings." Architecture becomes a design agenda 
that is "Way Beyond Bigness." 


1974        Born in St. Louis, MO, USA
1984        Experiences Mies Van Der Rohe's Seagram Building and decides to become an architect.
1992        Moves to New Orleans, LA, begins Tulane School of Architecture
1993-1997   Architectural Designer at Nolan Pape Studio, St. Louis, MO 
1995-1997   Teaching Assistant at Tulane University School of Architecture
1997        Graduates valedictorian at Tulane University School of Architecture, with Bachelor and Master of Architecture degrees, awarded the AIA Gold Medal, John William Lawrence Medal for Design Excellence, Outstanding Thesis, and Thesis Commendation
            Studies at IAAS (Institute for Advanced Architectural Studies), Venice, Italy
            Urban Designer at Tulane Regional Urban Design Center (TRUDC), New Orleans, LA
1997-2003   Architectural and Urban Designer at Waggonner & Ball Architects, New Orleans, LA
2003        Moves to New Haven, CT, begins Yale School of Architecture
2004        Teaching Fellow at Yale School of Architecture
2005        Graduates Yale School of Architecture with Post-Profesional Master of Architecture degree, awarded Charles O. Matchum Scholarship, Feldman Prize Nomination, S.O.M. Traveling Fellowship Nomination
            Moves back to St. Louis, MO; begins teaching architecture at Washington University in St. Louis; Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans region, marking a career shift for Derek
2005~       Collaborates with Wagonnner & Ball Architects on wide range of projects, primarily related to water management in the New Orleans region
2006-2007   Senior Designer at H3 Studio, Inc., St. Louis, MO; project manager for Unified New Orleans Plan (UNOP), the only formally adopted Hurricane Katrina recovery plan
Registered Architect in Louisiana
            Co-founds "Gutter to Gulf: Legible Water Infrastructure for New Orleans" with Elise Shelley and Jane Wolff
2009        Registered Architect in 
            Awarded Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts Outstanding Teaching Award, Washington University in St. Louis
2009~       Collaborates with Ian Caine on multiple award-winning, design-research initiatives, including first place in the "Rising Tides" competition
2010        Project Architect at H3 Studio, Inc.
            Organizes "NL-StL-NO" symposium at Washington University in St. Louis, featuring Netherlands Ambassador to the United States
            Awarded Sam Fox School Creative Activity Research Grant to to conduct field research on water-based issues in the Mekong Watershed
2011        Promoted to Assistant Professor, tenure-track, at Washington University in St. Louis
2011~       Principal Architect of [dhd] derek hoeferlin design
2013        Organizes "MISI-ZIIBI: Living with the Great Rivers" workshop, with Washington University in St. Louis and Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington D.C. 
2014       Core design team member for STUDIO MISI-ZIIBI's winning proposal for "Changing Course: Navigating the Future of the Lower Mississippi Delta" design competition
            Awarded Washington University in St. Louis I-CARES Grant to conduct climate adaptation research in the St. Louis region, with John Hoal
2015        Awarded Sam Fox School Creative Activity Research Grant to to conduct field research on river issues in the St. Louis region 
2017        Promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at Washington University in St. Louis
            Awarded Washington University in St. Louis InCEES Grant for his design-research project "Way Beyond Bigness: A Watershed Architecture Manifesto + Methodology"
            Awarded First Prize in "2017 Designing Resilience in Asia International Open Competition"
2018        Finalist in "Chouteau Greenway Competition" in St. Louis, with TLS Landscape Architecture and OBJECT TERRITORIES

Derek Hoeferlin leading "Water Infrastructure" tour of New Orleans at 2010 American Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) National Conference