The Farmer Group

Department of Chemistry ~ Colorado State University

The Farmer group studies the air we breathe. We want to understand how humans change atmospheric chemistry - and thus air quality, forest ecology and climate. We use both laboratory and field measurements to study chemistry in both the gas and aerosol phases across environments ranging from the Arctic tundra to your kitchen!

Want to learn more about our indoor air work? CSU wrote an article on The Air We Breathe / El Aire Que Respiramos (English & Spanish)

From L->R: Emily Barnes Franklin (starting NSF postdoc Sept 22), Kathryn Mayer, Katelyn Rediger, Lauren Garofalo, Jienan Li, Matson Pothier, Mj Riches, Delphine Farmer, Rachele Ossola

Missing [and yet to be badly photoshopped in...]: Tyson Berg