Hans Degryse is Professor of Finance at the Department of Accountancy, Finance and Insurance of the KU Leuven. He is a research fellow at the CEPR, CESIfo, the European Banking Center (EBC), and TILEC.  Before joining Leuven in 2012, he was professor of finance at Tilburg University.  His research focuses on financial intermediation, including empirical banking as well as theoretical and empirical market microstructure.
He has published in many journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Management Science, Review of Finance, Journal of Financial Intermediation, and the Economic Journal, and it has been presented in leading international conferences such as the American Finance Association, the Western Finance Association, the European Finance Association, and the Financial Intermediation Research SocietyHe co-authored, with Moshe Kim and Steven Ongena, the graduate textbook Microeconometrics of Banking: Methods, Applications and Results published by Oxford University Press.  
He is currently an associate editor of the International Review of Finance, the Journal of Banking and Finance, and the Journal of Financial Stability. In the past he served as an associate editor for the Review of Finance.


I wrote a "LES" (Leuvens Economisch Standpunt) on "Weathering the covid-19 storm: liquidity and solvency of Belgian firms" (in Dutch over here https://feb.kuleuven.be/research/les/pdf/LES%202020%20-%20185%20solvabiliteit%20belg%20bedrijven.pdf ) and in English over here https://www.financialforum.be/doc/doc/review/2020/bfw-digitaal-editie9-2020-03-artikel-degryse.pdf

My paper "To Ask or Not To Ask? Bank Capital Requirements and Loan Collateralization" (with Artashes Karapetyan and Sudipto Karmakar) is forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics.

My paper 'Plumbing of Securities Markets: The Impact of Post-Trade Fees on Trading and Welfare, (with Mark Van Achter and Gunther Wuyts (KU Leuven) is forthcoming in Management Science

 My paper "Priority Rules" (with Nikolaos Karagiannis) accepted for presentation on November 3, 2020 at the Microstructure Exchange.