Voted the Best Coffee in Town!

At Coffee Connection, we buy the finest Direct Trade-certified coffee beans roasted by Intelligentsia (a roaster based in Chicago). These beans are used when you order a regular cup of coffee. The coffee we use is:

  • Always fresh, roasted usually about a week before we sell it to you.

  • Uniquely brewed for us. Intelligentsia roasts Coffee Connection Blend, a unique roast grown at 1250-1850 meters in Colombia and Brazil.

  • Carefully monitored and sealed so it's the freshest cup of coffee in town!

We also sell 12oz bags of whole beans so you can take our fresh beans home with you! (Whole bean or Ground)

What is White Espresso?

The White on White Mocha, a popular drink at Coffee Connection, is actually made using non-traditional espresso, a rare roast called White Espresso.

White Espresso is made using beans that are very lightly roasted. Regular espresso is roasted to a brown color, and the more coffee beans are roasted, the less caffeine they contain. As a result, white espresso contains twice the caffeine of regular espresso and contains a delicious nutty flavor that pairs well with white chocolate.

The Black Cat Project

In addition to our regular coffee, all our espresso drinks are made with Intelligentsia's premium Black Cat Espresso roast. The syrupy sweet espresso blend has been the staple of Intelligentsia's lineup since their inception. It's also been the staple of each of our espresso drinks, so when you order a latte or mocha from Coffee Connection, you're drinking the finest espresso roast available.

More information on Black Cat Espresso