Debbi Burdett

Performer, Singer, Actor

Debbi's CD Single

and her video
Debbi Burdett LIVE! at
The Great
Stoneboro Fair 2001

are now available!
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"...Only once every generation does a voice like hers come along...

     with a style that hasn't been seen since the early days of a girl

     from Brooklyn named Barbra..."                        
Curt Davis, NY Post

  "...BRAVA!  A red-headed sensation that lights up the stage even  

      as she lights up your heart..."     
Bob Harrington, Backstage Magazine

 Debbi's performance is powerful.

  She reaches for the stars, and delivers Fireworks!

  Performing music from Broadway to Standards,

  Country to Pop,    Debbi electrifies the stage

  with a warm and enveloping presence.

  You'll feel like she's singing just for you.


  For Bookings or more information, contact:

  Schaebur Music International

  30 West 90th Street,  Suite #5A

  New York, NY  10024

  Cell:  (917) 846-2537


  To contact Debbi directly: