Dean Fantazzini

Деан Фантаццини

Full professor, Doctor of Science in Economics, and Deputy Head of the Chair of Econometrics and Mathematical Methods in Economics at the Moscow School of Economics (Moscow State University).

Research areas: Big Data, Forecasting, Applied Econometrics, Energy Economics, Risk Management, Cryptocurrencies

Address: Moscow School of Economics, 119992, 1, Building 61, Leninskie Gory, M.V. Lomonosov MSU, Moscow,Russia

Fax: +7 495 5105256
Phone: +7 495 5105267
E-mail: fantazzini (at)

Andrey Deanovich Fantazzini born on the 17/02/2011 !

Sergey Deanovich Fantazzini born on the 16/01/2017 !