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Q. How do I sign up for the DC Red Dress Run?
A. Register at https://hashrego.com/events/dc-red-dress-run-2017

Q. Can you tell me more about this year’s venue?
A. This is our first time at the DC Eagle (https://www.dceagle.com/), which is a former slaughter house turned gay-industrial-leather-bar.  We have full run of all 3 floors.  There are 4+ bars throughout the venue, a dance floor, and various outdoor spaces.  

Q. How do I get to DC Eagle?
A.  We strongly encourage taking an uber or lyft to the DC Eagle venue.  The closest metro station is the Minnesota Ave Metro Station on the orange line .4 miles from the venue.  If you insist on taking the metro, do not do so alone and coordinate with a group.  

Q. Where can I park at DC Eagle?
A. There is no parking at DC Eagle, but free parking will be available .4 miles away at the Minnesota Ave Metro Station.  However, unless you legitimately plan on not drinking - do not drive, ya dickhead.  
If you insist on parking at the metro, do not walk to the venue alone and coordinate with a group.   

Q. Who may attend the Red Dress Run? Is it open to everyone?
A. The Red Dress Run is open to all “hashers.”  The venue for this year allows a lot more flexibility for hashy behavior. Hashers who bring virgin-hasher guests should be able to vouch for their ability to tolerate immaturity and alternative lifestyles.  More importantly, virgin-hashers and hashers alike must have the self-awareness to know their limits and the confidence to tell anyone to fuck off if they are uncomfortable.  If a polite "fuck-off" does not do the trick, please let misman know.  Misman will not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind.  Please see: House Rules
Q. I don't have a hash name (yet).  Can I still sign up?
A.  We welcome unnamed hashers! If you get named before Red Dress, email dcreddressrun@gmail.com and let us know what your shiny new name is so we can update your registration

Q. Why should I give to charity?
A. Beyond wearing a red dress, charitable giving is the oldest and most important part of the worldwide Hash House House Harriers Red Dress Run tradition dating back to 1988. This year, the DC Area Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run will support Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan DC.  It also doesn't hurt that there are benefits for donors!  Please see Charity

Q.  Why is the day-of-event registration price so much higher than opening day prices?
A.   We charge a significant amount more for day-of-event registrations to encourage early registration.  This allows us to plan food and drink for the right number of attendees making the entire event better for everyone.  We plan for a limited number of day-of-event registrations, but will cut it off at a certain point to ensure sufficient food and beer for those who paid ahead of time.
Q. My life is getting in the way of going to this awesome event. Since I can't go to Red Dress anymore, can I get a refund? 
A. No, sorry. DC Red Dress Run doesn't give refunds, but we do allow you to transfer your registration.

Q. How do I transfer my registration?
A. We can process transfers until September 19, 2017. If you want to transfer your rego, send an email to dcreddressrun@gmail.com. The email must be sent from (or at least cc) the original hasher's email address and contain the following information:
Hash name
Muggle name
Home kennel
Email address
Additional charity donation?
Add on a Onesie?
Q. I donated $25 or more to the charity when I signed up, but I now I can’t attend and must transfer my rego. Do all the extra donor benefits transfer as well?
A. Yes, if the original rego included a charitable donation, the corresponding benefits transfer as well. That said, transferees are highly encouraged to make their own donation. 
Q. Why doesn’t my name appear on the Who's Coming list?
A. Your name should appear immediately on the Who's Coming list after you register online. If it doesn't, perhaps it’s possible that you haven’t gone all the way through the registration process. Keep clicking through until your purchase is complete. Please let us know if it continues to be a problem.
Q. I left something at the Red Dress Run. How can I get it back?
A. We can't guarantee that we can recover your lost property. If we find or have found it, however, we will make it available at the Hangover Recovery trail on Sunday following the Red Dress Run. We do not store or inventory any lost and found items.

Q. What is ‘Hashtivus?’ Is that something about other trails that weekend?
A. Yes. Hashtivus refers to the weekend-long hashing celebration wrapped around the DC Red Dress Run. There will be one trail on Thursday, another on Friday and two trails on Sunday. Value-conscious hashers have the option of purchasing a reduced-price Hashtivus package online as part of the Red Dress Run registration process. Check there for pricing and details. As an à la carte option, hashers may pay the full price to the respective hosting kennels. 

Q. What if I can't attend ALL of Hashtivus?
A. You can pay for the Hashtivus events individually (à la carte) or you can buy the prepaid value package and just accept that you will miss some of the events for which you have paid.

Q. I like drinking ... but what about drugs?
A. No! We have a zero tolerance policy for drugs. Don’t embarrass yourself or others. Violators will be escorted out without a refund. There is no room for you at this table if your agenda includes anything other than having an awesome time with awesome hashers.

Q. I have an issue that these FAQs don’t answer. Can you help me? 
A. Let's face it. We all got issues. But if the kinds you have are the kinds we can help with, contact the Mismanagement at dcreddressrun@gmail.com.