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Voluntary donations for DC Red Dress Run will support Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington DC

Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, D.C. was founded on the visionary idea that access to sexual and reproductive health care could transform people’s lives. For nearly 80 years, PPMW has provided high quality, supportive reproductive medical care for families in the DC metro area. 

PPMW’s mission is to provide high quality, affordable reproductive health care; promote education programs that empower all individuals to make informed & responsible reproductive choices; & to protect the right to make those choices. PPMW is the oldest & largest provider of family planning services in Metropolitan Washington, serving DC, Maryland & Northern Virginia.

Donors ($25+) will get early admission to DC Eagle at noon. They will also get exclusive access to the beauty bar makeover station hosted by the lovely Penis Fly Trap. Donors will be made to be as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside by our volunteers. Get your nails painted, makeup done, fake eyelashes glued on, tattooed, etc.

DC Full Moon will support the Chesapeake Bay Foundation

For every Hastivus/BLT rego, DCFM will donate $1 towards the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.  The money will be used to restore the native oyster population in the Chesapeake Bay.  One dollar is enough to restore one oyster to the Chesapeake Bay and each oyster cleans up to 50 gallons a day!  Oysters are a keystone species in the Bay's ecology. They filter algae, sediment, and other pollutants and in the process improve water quality and clarity. Their large reefs provide habitat for fish, crabs, and other Bay organisms.  Check out this educational video, lol - MBL Scientist Demonstrates How Oysters Filter Water

Just by virtue of your cumulative drunk asses participated in Hashtivus/BLT, we can potentially clean up to 10,000 gallons of water a day!  So don't let your mom say you never made anything of yourself!

Beyond wearing a red dress, charitable giving is the oldest and most important part of the worldwide Hash House House Harriers Red Dress Run tradition dating back to 1988.  The DC Red Dress Run is the only opportunity during the year when the entire DC area hashing community comes together to support a charitable cause. And it doesn’t get any more public with 500 men and women running around in red dresses.