Peer Reviewed Publications 

Bahar, D. and H. Rapoport. "Migration, knowledge diffusion and the comparative advantage of nations." The Economic Journal128, 612(F273-F305), (2018).

Data for replication can be provided upon request

Bahar, D. and MA Santos. "One more resource curse: Dutch disease and export concentration." Journal of Development Economics 132 (2018) 102–114

[Harvard CID Working Paper Version]

Data for replication can be provided upon request

Bahar, D., CA Molina, MA Santos "Fool’s Gold: Currency Devaluations and Stock Prices of Multinational Companies Operating in Venezuela." Economía (Journal of LACEA) Volume 19, Number 1, Fall 2018.

[Harvard CID Working Paper Version]

Bahar D. "Measuring knowledge intensity in manufacturing industries: A new approach." Applied Economic Letters (2018)
[Working paper accepted for publication] [Knowledge Intensity Measures]

Bahar, D., R. Hausmann, and C.A. Hidalgo. "Neighbors and the Evolution of the Comparative Advantage of Nations: Evidence of International Knowledge Diffusion?" Journal of International Economics 92 (2014) 111-123
Data for replication can be provided upon request

Working papers and selected work in progress

Bahar, D., E. Stein, R. Wagner and S. Rosenow "Export take-offs and acceleration: unpacking cross-sector linkages in the evolution of comparative advantage" Conditionally accepted by World Development.

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Bahar, D. "The hardships of long distance relationships: time zone proximity and the location of MNC's knowledge intensive activities"
Previously circulated as "Heavier than air? Knowledge Transmission within the Multinational Firm"

Bahar, D., A. Hauptmann, C. Özgüel and H. Rapoport "Let their knowledge flow: the effect of returning refugees on export performance in the former Yugoslavia

Bahar, D., R. Choudhury and H. Rapoport "Migration and Innovation: Evidence from Technology Take-offs"

Bahar, D. and R. Choudhury "The ease of communication and global innovation"
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Bahar, D., R. Choudhury and J. Sappenfield "Migration reforms and global innovation"
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Bahar, D. "Stages of development, revisited"
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Selected "general audience" pieces and media

¿Más de ocho millones saldrían de Venezuela?, interview by CNN En Español, December 2018

"Refugee status and aid would unleash the potential of Venezuelan migrants" published by the Washington Post, September 2018 (with David Smolansky)

"How can developing countries use their diaspora capital?", policy brief published by Brookings, March 2018 (with Ernesto Talvi)

"Venezuela's refugee crisis will exceed Syria's; we must help" published by The Hill, February 2018

Others Oldies

Bahar, D. 2009. "Aid and Fertility." Harvard CID Working Papers Series, no. 38.