Peer Reviewed Publications 

Bahar, D. and H. Rapoport "Migration, knowledge diffusion and the comparative advantage of nations."  Forthcoming, The Economic Journal
Data for replication can be provided upon request

Bahar, D., R. Hausmann, and C.A. Hidalgo. 2014. "Neighbors and the Evolution of the Comparative Advantage of Nations: Evidence of International Knowledge Diffusion?" Journal of International Economics 92, no. 1: 111-123. 
Data for replication can be provided upon request

Working Papers

Bahar, D. and MA Santos "Natural resources and export concentration: on the most likely casualties of Dutch disease" revision requested by Journal of Development Economics.

[Harvard CID Working Paper Version]

Bahar, D., A. Hauptmann, C. Özgüel and H. Rapoport "Productive knowledge diffusion through return migration: a natural experiment of Yugoslavian refugees in Germany" 

[Coming Soon]

Bahar, D. "The middle productivity trap: dynamics of productivity dispersion" 

Bahar, D., E. Stein, R. Wagner and S. Rosenow "The birth and growth of new export clusters: which mechanisms drive diversification?" 

Bahar, D. "Diversification or specialization: what is the path to growth and development?"
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Bahar, D., CA Molina, MA Santos "Fool’s Gold: Currency Devaluations and Stock Prices of Multinational Companies Operating in Venezuela"

Bahar, D. "The hardships of long distance relationships: knowledge transmission and the ease of communication within multinational firms"
Previously circulated as "Heavier than air? Knowledge Transmission within the Multinational Firm"

Selected Work in Progress

"Human mobility, innovation and the diffusion of knowledge" (with R Choudhury)

"Business travel: what is it all about?" (with M Coscia, F Neffke and R Hausmann) 

"Labor migrants and sector-specific productivity: a natural experiment in the Palestinian Territories" (with A Zimring) 

Policy Papers and Others Oldies

Bahar, D. 2011. "Guide for Private Sector Assessment Report (PSAR) in the Caribbean Countries." Inter American Development Bank / Compete Caribbean. [Download]

Bahar, D. and V Cheng, 2016. "Trinidad and Tobago: Lessons from a Product Space Analysis." Inter American Development Bank. [Download]

Bahar, D. 2009. "Aid and Fertility." Harvard CID Working Papers Series, no. 38.