Venue Information

The conference will take place in Anfiteatro 1 in Colégio Luís António Verney, where the Department of Mathematics is located.

Departamento de Matemática
Universidade de Évora
Colégio Luís António Verney
Rua Romão Ramalho, 59
7000-671, Évora

Travel Information

Transportation between Lisbon and Évora may be by car, by coach (see or by train (see

By Coach

From Lisbon you can take a coach at the bus terminal in Sete Rios (near the zoo), which is a short drive from the airport. The trip from Lisbon to Évora takes between 1h30 and 1h45.

From Faro you can take a coach from the bus terminal in the city center, which you can reach by bus from the airport. The trip from Faro to Évora takes between 3:50 and 4:15.

For departure times from Lisbon, Faro and Évora, see the Rede Expressos site (only in Portuguese; follow the "Horários e Preços" link). It is a five minute walk from the bus terminal to central Évora.

By Train

There are three trains daily going from Lisbon to Évora and taking around 2h00.

From Faro there are also three trains daily going to Évora. The fast trains take around 3h20, whereas the regional trains take approximately 7h.

It is about 1km from Évora train station to the city centre.

By Car

The 130km of road from Lisbon to Évora are motorway almost all the way, only the last 10km being national road. To get to Évora, you must first cross the Tejo river, taking either the Vasco da Gama or the 25 de Abril bridge. Both bridges will take you to the motorway, the latter directly to the A2 and the former to the A12, which meets the A2 after 35km. You must then follow the A2 until finding the A6 (around the 55 km mark) and stay on this one until the exit marked Évora.

From Faro, take the A2 (direction Lisbon), change to the A6 (after 183 km) and stay on this one until the exit marked Évora.