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CREDO: If it's worth doing at all, then do it with passion

Welcome to my professional portfolio. I'm infinitely curious. I explore sources of wisdom in go-to-market (GTM) development within the Technology, Media and Telecom marketplace -- because it's fascinating. 

I'm very passionate about driving cloud SaaS adoption growth. I envision digital business transformation benefits from the perspective of the C-Suite that's focused on achieving bold innovation outcomes.

My Digital Lifescapes blog features market study summaries, my Digital Polymath magazine explores B2B IT vendor market development, the Business Technology Roundtable highlights enterprise CxO trends. And GeoNetworker is a market research project about digital skills and expertise networks.

Power Selling in Action

The basic tenet of Power Selling: if you believe that knowledge is power, then mastering the ability to progressively reveal, gather, and share a superior seller's experience into actionable wisdom is infinitely more potent for knowledge transfer.

Business Value Marketing in Action

The traditional approach to business technology marketing is obsolete. If you're focused on conventional "product-oriented" marketing principles, then your prospective C-suite decision-makers may think there's little that's remarkable about your offerings.

Rethinking Sales & Marketing GTM Design

Call-to-Action: Are you seeking a progressive technology sales and marketing professional services firm -- with experience in Online Influence, and value creation thought leadership -- where vision, strategy, and a proven passion for B2B SaaS Go-to-Market execution all coexist? What about Customer Success?

Act Now: Feedback is encouraged. Send me questions, or share your opinion on a topic of mutual interest. Join my online network of digital growth value creation collaborators. I maintain professional profiles on LinkedIn, CrunchBase, and AngelList.

Disclosure: I am a Network member and have provided Advisory Consulting services via the Business Talent Group (Heidrick & Struggles), Technology, Media and Telecom Council (Gerson Lehrman Group), Primary Insight (Bear Stearns), Guidepoint (Standard & Poor’s) and the Maven Research network. I also facilitate and promote connections between digital business entrepreneurs within the U.S. and UK markets. Plus, I'm a member of the PwC Talent Exchange, and the Deloitte Open Talent Network.