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CREDO: If it's Worth Doing at all, then Do it with Passion

Welcome to my online professional portfolio. I'm infinitely curious. I believe in exploring all sources of wisdom in my chosen craft -- multi-channel market development and strategic communication within the Technology, Media and Telecommunications marketplace -- because it's fascinating.

What's Here: You'll find samples of my market analysis and consulting work, where I demonstrate my progressive research, knowledge, skills and correlative Topics of Interest. I also link to ongoing 'digital growth' works-in-progress and Book Reviews. I'm actively engaged in the Global Networked Economy as a hands-on practitioner. I'm an executive ghostwriter and keynote storyteller of overarching meta-narratives about digital transformation.

I'm a WSJ Opinion Leader for Dow Jones, FORTUNE Business Leader Council panelist, and recognized as one of "The World's Most Influential Cloud Bloggers" by SYS-CON Media. My prior transmedia experiments for Cisco focused on B2B Commercial Storytelling projects. I previously created the "Hybrid Cloud Journal", authored Red Hat blogs and market insights about the Open Source community. I've also written editorials about IBM Systems and IBM Cloud (ghostwriter).

What's Next: I'm publishing syndicated stories on LinkedIn Pulse and Medium. Visit my news feed on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to see what I'm reading, curating, writing and sharing. My Digital Lifescapes blog provides weekly updates on the latest market research and forecasts from leading technology, media and telecom industry analysts. My Digital Polymath magazine offers an analysis of sales and marketing strategies to target B2B C-suite stakeholders. My Business Technology Roundtable blog explores digital business transformation trends. And, GeoNetworker is my research project focused on expertise and talent discovery within the global distributed enterprise.

Power Selling in Action

The basic tenet of Power Selling: if you believe that knowledge is power, then fully mastering the ability to apply information technology to progressively reveal, gather, store, replicate, share, refine and re-purpose existing knowledge into actionable wisdom is infinitely more potent.

Abstract: The evolution of sales force automation into customer relationship management (CRM) systems is complete. Regardless, too many CRM projects fail to reach their ROI objective. I've authored a white paper entitled PowerSelling: Revitalizing the Enterprise Sales Channel.

Digital Marketing in Action

A traditional approach to sales and marketing has lost its appeal. If you're still focused on conventional "feature/benefit-oriented" product marketing principles, then your prospective customers will believe that there's nothing unique or remarkable about your company's offerings.

Abstract: Discover a new perspective on actionable market development, and learn how to free yourself from legacy marketing communication constraints -- dare to leave the flock of bland marketers, embrace creative freedom, be bold and be brave -- by becoming a Digital Polymath.

Rethinking Sales and Marketing

Call-to-Action: Are you seeking a multidimensional sales and marketing professional services firm -- with experience in Online Influence, thought leadership, and social media outreach -- where vision, strategy and a proven passion for execution all coexist? Then, contact me.

Act Now: Feedback is encouraged. Send me your questions, or simply share your own ideas and opinion on a topic or cause of mutual interest. Join my online network of global collaborators. I currently maintain profiles and contacts on LinkedIn, CrunchBase and AngelList.

Disclosure: I have provided advisory or consulting services via the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Council (Gerson Lehrman Group), Primary Insight (Bear Stearns), Guidepoint Global (Standard & Poor’s) and the Maven Research network. I also facilitate and promote connections between digital media entrepreneurs within the U.S. and UK markets.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How

Here are the highlights of what I've mastered during my life's journey: Professional Biography. Search the web for my other profiles and content artifacts Google Search: "David H. Deans". My GeoActive Group customer profiles, and consulting project examples are in these Case Studies.