Points to Consider:

Responses to HIV/AIDS in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean

David Gisselquist

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Ignoring HIV from Healthcare in the Worst AIDS Epidemics

Chapter 2: The AIDS Epidemic Begins, 1900-60

Chapter 3: AIDS Spreads Silently, 1960-81

Chapter 4: Recognizing AIDS in Two Epidemic Patterns, 1981-84

Chapter 5: From First Tests to a Consensus on Risks, 1984-88

Chapter 6a, 6b: Things Go Badly Wrong, 1989-2009

Chapter 7: Not Listening, and not Explaining the Epidemic, 1989-2009

Chapter 8: How much HIV Infection Comes from Blood Exposures?

Chapter 9: Failing to Provide Safe Healthcare, 1989-2009

Chapter 10: How People Can Stop HIV Transmission during Healthcare

Statistical Annex

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