Welcome to my web page.
Let me tell you a little about myself.

I was born and raised in Torino (Turin) in north west of Italy and I did all my schooling in this town. Besides being a student at the Conservatorium of Music "G.Verdi", I also did fairly well in school. So I had my Bachelor of Music-Piano Performance in 1993 and a Master in Applied Mathematics at the "Università degli Studi" of Torino in 1999.

I started to work in the private IT and Telecommunication sectors as Cisco WAN Engineer.

My primary interest since 1999 is studying and hacking the Linux environment.

Between 2003 and 2006 I had an experience as a Linux distribution developer and team leader which involved me into many different activities ranging from the conception and creation from sources of all the pieces and technologies of a modern Linux distribution to the development and debugging in the Linux environment and the compliance with the available standards and interoperability technologies.

Between 2007 and 2014 I worked at IBM as a Linux system administrator, Nagios/Centreon monitoring architect and developer, and as a team leader of the IBM IMS Infrastructure group.

Currently I'm focusing on several different domains:

When I'm not working or studying, I like to spend my time playing with my dog "Pixi", taking care of my plants (crassulaceae, succulents and cactaceae), reading books, travelling and taking pictures, and help improving the openmamba Linux Distribution.

I live and work in Nice, in the south east of France.

Curriculum vitae in English (pdf-TeX format)
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  • 1971: Well, everything has to start sometime :-)
  • 1987: First approach to computer programming in Basic language on a CASIO PB-700.
  • 1982-1993: Bachelor of Music-Piano Performance at Conservatorium of Music "Giuseppe Verdi" of Torino (Turin).
  • 1990: Certificate of Education in Scientific Studies at Liceo M.Curie of Grugliasco, near Torino.
  • 1992: Fortran and Borland Turbo Pascal programming.
  • 1995C, MatLab programming, Math Programming, Computer Graphics
  • 1997-1999TeXhacker and enthusiast; creation of the macro package easyTeX and the macros astmacro written for the Accademia delle Scienze of Torino.
  • 1998C++ programmer.
  • 1999: Master in Applied Mathematics at "Università degli Studi" in Turin.
  • 2000: CLSC (Cisco LAN Switch Configuration) Certified.
  • 2000-2001: Cisco Engineer (Cisco routers and WAN technologies) at Fiat ITS (Information Technology and Services) and on other business critical environments.
  • 2001-2003: Experience as Network Delivery and Project Manager for the Atlanet Internet Service Provider; experience in the implementation and troubleshooting of WAN links using most existing routing and network protocols and in the MPLS Technology.
  • 2003-2006: Project leader and Linux developer for creating the open source QiLinux GNU/Linux distribution. Contributions to several OpenSource projects (code debugging, bug and security reports, some translations, and lots of patches and development). 
  • 2003: Zyxel Certified (Zyxel routers and ZyWall firewalls).
  • 2007: VMware Certified Professional on VI3 (VCP310).
  • 2007-2008: Linux and VMware engineer at IBM GlobalValue in Turin.
  • 2008, june: Move to Nice, France. 
  • 2008: Linux developer (C/C++) on Linux-powered mobile internet devices (Moblin project, now MeeGo!) in Sophia Antipolis.
  • 2008-2014: Gradually improving my collection of crassulaceae, succulents and cactaceae.
  • 2009-2011Linux RedHat Engineer at IBM La Gaude Research Center.
  • 2011-2014Nagios/Centreon Monitoring, Linux Engineer and Developer at IBM La Gaude. Active member of the Linux Center of Excellence - IBM France which aims to test, standardize, and improve the Linux technologies used by the delivery teams.
  • 2012, December 18: I joined GitHub and started to host my own opensource projects. 
  • 2013I'm now an auto-entrepreneur (SIRET: 79212659100025).
    Working on Linux embedded projects (operating system, monitoring and multimedia development) and some networking projects.
  • 2013Linux, Python and web (HTML, PHP, Javascript) development on Raspberry Pi.
  • 2013-2014: Technical Leader of the Nagios/Centreon Monitoring team (splitted between France and Poland) at IBM La Gaude. Project management, development and deployment of new monitoring architectures and solutions.
  • 2014: Linux RedHat System administrator at Steria (France: Sophia Antipolis).
  • 2014: Enrolled in lots of online MOOCSprimary on Coursera and edX, and focused in Machine Learning, Parallel Computing, Data Science, and Web technologies.
  • 2014: Design and full setup of a secure local network for an advertising agency in Nice (cabling, ethernet/Wi-Fi LAN configuration with firewall, LAN switch, NAS, VoIP, VPN).
  • 2015: Checking for much more developmental projects in A.I. / Data Science domains...


  • Italian: native speaker. 
  • French: excellent speaking, reading and writing ability.
  • English: good speaking, reading and writing ability.

My latest Open Source projects

Software development
  • A complete suite of Nagios plugins for monitoring Linux servers and appliances.
  • A few NRPE plugins for the Linux, *BSD, AIX, and Solaris/OpenIndiana platforms.
  • Development of a few security system tools, such as wtmpclean, which permits the listing and editing of a wtmp database.
GNU/Linux distribution development (openmamba)
  • Main developer of the autospec suite for managing the development of an rpm-based Linux distribution (autospec was firstly developed for the QiLinux distribution and has been ported, modularized and enhanced for openmamba GNU/Linux),
  • Porting openmamba GNU/Linux to the Raspberry Pi hardware,
    Make it a Media Player and Entertainment hub for digital media and a
    Windows thin client,
  • Integration of R, RStudio and other statistical libraries and tools,
  • Make OpenCL programming work (Intel CPU, nVidia GPU) work in openmamba - IN PROGRESS
  • Developer at the openmamba GNU/Linux distribution.

See also my 
git repositories hosted at GitHub. 


  • Thesis (Università degli Studi of Torino; thesis mentor: prof. Angelo Negro):
       "Algorithms for Searching Saddle Points in Convex Analysis and their
        application to the Monotonic, Regular and Optimized interpolation

    Thesis (in italian) - Mathematical description and C++ code
         1,4M   View   Download

  • Hacking fai da te: Coprire le tracce ("Hide the traces"), Linux Magazine, april 2010.

What I'm studying right now

... in a somewhat order of priority.

The MOOCs I enrolled in

Here is the list of the MOOCs I enrolled in: