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 Hi Everyone.

 I am up and running at my new location!

1108 Blount Avenue Ste A
Guntersville, Alabama 35976

 Please give me a call at (256) 677-9456!


Welcome to the Studio! 

   Since 1975 I have been providing quality guitar instruction, geared to each individual student and dedicated to imparting the sheer enjoyment of playing music.
Learning to play the guitar well can be drudgery or it can be fun. I prefer fun. If you understand how a toddler learns to talk, you can learn to play in the very same way! Reading music is not essential at first. The initial focus is hands on, imitation and repetition. I encourage students to have a goal of songs that they would like to play and we go from there. The music dictates the technique. The student immediately uses what he or she is learning, virtually eliminating frustration and making practice a positive, fun experience.