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Brief Biography: I am the Russell S. Bock Professor of Public Economics and Taxation at Claremont McKenna College, a Research Affiliate of the National Poverty Center, and a Research Fellow at the IZA (Institute for Study of Labor). My research areas include public economics, labor economics, and the law, primarily focusing on crime and the criminal justice system, as well as issues of race, gender, and poverty in the labor market. Prior to arriving at Claremont McKenna I was an Assistant Professor of Economics at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario and an NICHD Research Fellow in Population Studies at the RAND Corporation. I received my B.A. from Carleton College and my M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

When not doing economics I like spend my time in the mountains climbing, skiing, biking, hiking, and exploring, as well as introducing my two daughters to these joys.