D.B. Adams Poster Prizes

These awards, inaugurated in 2014 at the University of Durham, are made annually in memory of David in recognition of academic excellence in the MChem poster competition.

2014 Poster Winners

First Place - Joanna Starkie
Second Place - Callum Foden
Third Place - Lucy Norton

2015 Poster Winners

First Place - Christian Wells
Second Place - Rowan von Spreckelsen
Third Place - Sean Boardman

2016 Poster Winners

First Place - Gemma Parker
Second Place - Andrej Markin
Third Place - Natalie Mitchell

2017 Poster Winners

First Place - Hannah Broderick
Second Place - Hannah Blandon
Third Place - Hannah Jones

(L to R): Hannah Jones (3rd), Hannah Blandon (2nd) & Hannah Broderick (1st)


2018 Poster Winners

First Place: Tom Fox Second Place: Ram Vijayakrishnan Third Place: Gus Anthony

2019 Poster Winners

First Place: Rose Bennett Second Place: Phillippa Edge Third Place: Toby Johnson

2020 Poster Winners

First Place: Adam Carrick Second Place: Claudia Driscoll Third Place: Olivia Escudier

2021 Poster Winners

First Place: Cailin Wang

2022 Poster Winners

First Place: Megan Lang Second Place: Tom O’Hara Third Place: Sam Fidler