David W. Johnston

Associate Professor, Monash University

I am an Associate Professor in the Centre for Health Economics, Monash University, Australia. My broad research interests are in health economics, labour economics, and microeconometrics; but I have a particular interest in the economics of mental health and wellbeing, and the economic impacts of people's environment.

My current research is funded by an ARC Discovery Project titled "Microeconomic Impacts of Australian Natural Disasters" (2017-2019) and a Wellcome Trust grant titled "Health and Economic Benefits of Water-Sensitive Revitalisation in Informal Urban Settlements" (2017-2022). Recent research was funded by an ARC grant titled “How Costly is an Unhealthy Start in Life? An Econometric Analysis of Childhood Health and Adult Prosperity” (2013-2015) and an ARC grant titled “The Socioeconomic Determinants and Dynamics of Mental Health and Disorders in Australia and the UK” (2013-2015).
Before joining Monash University in February 2011, I was a senior lecturer at Queensland University of Technology, and before that, I was a research fellow at University of Melbourne. I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Melbourne in December 2007. 

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Centre for Health Economics
Building 75, Monash University
Clayton, VIC 3800

Phone: +61 3 99058155
Email: david.johnston@monash.edu