Real old Nostalgia



Poster from the Woolwich Polytechic disco nights. 1s.6p and any unaccompanied males had to produce a Student Union card. Don't think I ever did.
This was run by Ravi and Pete. No idea where they are now.

Photo taken by my cousin. I really did have loads of hair.
My Led Zeppelin ticket from 1971. I do remember it was an excellent view and only 75 pence.
Woolwich folkclub plectrum.
Jo Stead's ' Sweet Folk All' badge from about 1970.
I was very grateful to Alec for giving me the above photo of me at Hyde Park.
Fantastic free concerts with no large screen monitors. We always got near the front of the stage for some great acts including Jack Bruce, Roy Harper, Edgar Broughton, King Crimson, Blind
Faith - the list goes on.
Here are the photos I took of Billy Jenkins at Bromley round the early 1970s. Taken with the Zenith E. Great camera.

Billy Jenkins

Around that time I met a couple of guitarists in a band called Tame. They went onto to play with Kate Bush.
Below Del Palmer, Brian Bath and Vic King taken by me in a hut in Blackheath during their practice session.  



 The late Brian Bruce, me and one of my folk heroes Derek Brimstone.

At the Monty club
The late Mike Lawley. Mike went to loads of concerts and festivals with me. A great friend.
I really did have hair - drawing by Janet Folland.
 Doug Welch hosts the Thamesmead Radio show. John, Bill and I appeared as the 'Boys on the Barrier'.
A grim night in Farnborough. The idea was to camp this night but I never did go through with it.
Below -  A photo taken of one of our singing sessions at the Sun in the Sands Blackheath about 40 years ago. The days when Newcastle Brown was about 12 pence a bottle.
My very first attempt at singing - Christmas 1970 or something
 should have taken the advice of John (nice shirt)who covers his ears to stop the pain.
What a great head of hair!