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With a bias towards the Traverse City, MI, area, and the Keweenaw Peninsula in the U.P.

Revised 5/13/19
Important! Pres. Trump has nominated Barry Myers, former co-owner of AccuWeather with his family (who now owns it in totality), to run NOAA. Myers has tried for many years to limit the data the weather service can release so that private companies like AccuWeather can monopolize control over the weather forecasts, and produce more revenue for themselves at our cost! Call your legislators if you disagree with the likely conflict of interest this creates for private gain as well as the denial of access to public data that our tax dollars pay for.

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Most of these are (NWS).





The advertising & informational value for real-time weather conditions is invaluable, when they work! A few of these are great, some are OK, and some should just as well be taken down.