Abhijit Das, 

Post-Doc Researcher
Inria Sophia Antipolis

Email: abhijitdas2048@gmail.com

He is currently working as a Researcher at Inria Sophia Antipolis– Méditerranée, France. Previously, he has worked as a Research Administrator at the Faculty of Software Engineering & IT at University Technology of Sydney (UTS), Australia. Prior to his PhD, he has worked as an Associate Software Engineer at IBM India Pvt Ltd. and as a Lecturer at distinguished Universities. He has completed his PhD from the School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, Australia. He conducts research on human health monitoring, biometrics and face analysis employing facial and corporeal-based visual feature using machine learning, computer vision and signal processing techniques. 
  During his research career, he has published several scientific articles in conferences, journals and a book chapter and has also received several awards from the IEEE, and other scientific organisations. Dr Das is involved in organising scientific events such as international conferences, workshop, competitions and special sessions at conferences, and has served as guest editor for special issues, technical program committee member for several reputed international conference and reviewer of top-ranking journals. He is also the winner of IBM research sponsored ECCV 2018 BEFA competition. His career includes 10 years of teaching and research experience on a range of topics on machine learning and computer vision.

* Winner of the IBM Research sponsored Bias Estimation in Face Analytics (BEFA) Challenge, ECCV 2018
* Organising the Sclera Segmentation Benchmarking Competition 2019, in conjunction with International Conference on Biometrics 2019.
Organizing a special session on Human Health Monitoring Based on Computer Vision along with the FG 2019.
* Organizing the 1st Robust Tattoo Detection and Retrieval Competition (RTDRC 2019) in conjunction with BTAS 2019.
Will be delivering a tutorial on "New Trends in Convolutional Neural Networks for Biometric Applications" at ICB 2019.
*Received the best poster award at IEEE FG 2019 for the paper titled "Robust Remote Heart Rate Estimation from Face Utilizing Spatial-temporal Attention".
* Organising a special issue for  Elsevier Journal of IVC on Novel Insights on Ocular Biometrics.