DaoChi Energy of Arizona

(a division of Williamson Information Technologies Corp.) 

Algae Expertise

The DaoChi Energy of Arizona division of Williamson Information Technologies Corp. was created to handle issues and business arising from our innovative waste-to-energy projects.

We created a method for turning sewage sludge into fuel in 2004. It integrated high moisture content sewer sludge with wood wastes (sawdust) to reduce overall moisture content. However, the moisture was heated under pressure to reach a supercritical which acted as a depolymerization agent.   

"Knowledgeable" civil engineers from one of the world's most widely known waste water engineering firms said it wouldn't work. Local city engineers wouldn't touch it for fear that it would complicate regulatory compliance on their new water treatment plants (still on the drawing boards [of the aforementioned engineering firm] at the time) and the City Engineers decided on behalf of the (relatively newly elected city politicians) that being known as a city that imports sewage and manure would not "fly" politically.

We now call this our "wet pyrolysis" process and we would be delighted to talk to interested parties worldwide, but we are no longer actively pursuing this process.

Initially we added algae cultivation as an "optional" element. At this time we no longer talk about our proprietary process. 

We now consult with clients regarding conventional "gasification" instead of our proprietary process.  

We are licensing our recently patented (though it has a priority date way back in 2008) innovative algae cultivation device/method to a newly formed corporation specifically to market this as part of our "integrated green energy" strategy. Source Integration, Inc. (a Delaware corporation) will be carrying the ball on this. 

Doc Williamson and DaoChi Energy will remain with the project as consultants and advisors. 

Our latest development is a device that "upgrades" pressure transducers by making them"leakless" and can either "push" or "pull" or both, yet have ZERO moving parts (except for the external valves that control liquid of gaseous fluid flow).

Contact us at 623-566-5917.or email us at daohienergy@gmail.com

Green Energy

Working in cooperation with companies like Source Integration Inc, Recycle One, Bioleux Polska, our DaoChi Energy of Arizona division offers a variety of technologies for converting waste streams of materials into re-cycled (green) energy.

Specific technologies include landfill content recovery, pellet mills, reducers and grinders, waste and recycling sorting and management equipment,  augers and conveyors, gasifiers and pyrolysis processors, electric generators (ICE and turbine types), engineering, and innovation on all these technologies and more.

We are also a consulting partner on an energy and food project in Kenya, in the tea growing segment of that country, though we hope to soon be able to move to the deserts of both Kenya and other East and West African nations.


Even though we, ourselves, often venture beyond the limits of established technologies, sometimes even well established technology creates irretrievable calamities.  Having recently experienced just such a "crash" we are still in the rebuilding phase of our web presence.  With so many other priorities demanding of our time (our President and CEO has decided to pursue a Master's degree at Arizona State University in Interdisciplinary Studies, as befits a man sometimes known as "the Renaissance Man from Calgary") the recovery process is slow.  This site is, as they say, "still under construction" and please pardon our "dust" which in our case is not construction dust so much as the gathering dust of neglect of this task for several months.  We do still apologize for the "mess" and the "holes", please forgive us, but we are also tending to business as a higher priority than the publicity function of web presence.

As we said, we are still working on it.  Just don't expect anything spectacular any time soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Stafford "Doc" Williamson
DaoChi Energy of Arizona.