About Me

I manage the UI development at InCorta. Prior to my professional career, I obtained a PhD in computer science from the University of Colorado, Boulder with a focus on human-computer interaction and health informatics. 

Research Overview
My research lies in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Health Informatics, and Pervasive Computing. In particular, I am interested in exploring how various qualitative and quantitative HCI techniques can be applied to design innovative and intuitive mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. For example, using an iterative participatory design approach, I designed a Personal Health Application for older adults to manage medications and other health-related tasks. Details about my different research projects can be found here.

Email: danishullahkhan(at)gmail(dot)com

Recent News

  • (Apr 17th, 2013) I received the Computer Science Outstanding Research Award for 2012 from Department of Computer Science, University of Colorado Boulder.

  • (June 26th, 2012) I presented a boaster on my research dissertation at HCIC 2012 in Asilomar, Pacific Grove, CA. I got to see awesome talks and met wonderful people there. It's highly recommended for the graduate students both in terms of getting feedback on their research and for networking.

  • (May 23rd, 2012) I presented my full paper and poster paper at Pervasive Health 2012, San Diego, CA. 

  • (April 22nd, 2012) I won the best poster award at CU in CS Workshop organized by the ACM-W CU Women in Computing group.

  • (April 17th, 2012) I got nominated from University of Colorado Boulder to attend the The Human-Computer Interaction Consortium 2012.

  • (Apr 11th, 2012) We got two papers accepted at PervasiveHealth 2012; the first one is a full paper titled "Designing Mobile Snack Application for Low Socioeconomic Status Families." The other one is a short paper titled "Towards Designing Health Monitoring Interfaces for Low Socioeconomic Status Families."

  • Today (Nov 7th, 2011) I defended my dissertation proposal. The title of my proposal is: "Design and Evaluation of a Sociotechnical Intervention to Improve Snacking Habits in Low Socioeconomic Status Population"

  • Our paper "Exploring Everyday Health Routines of a Low Socioeconomic Population through Multimedia Elicitations" is in news: mobihealthnews, MOBILEDIA